TY Capital Investment is an ILLEGAL scheme – review

TY Capital Investment websiteWith this review you will learn why you should stay away from TY Capital Investment.

TY Capital is a company that trades with cryptocurrencies. It allegedly is very profitable and it is sharing its profits with the public. You can deposit money, let the company trade with it and get profits.

The profits are variable, we see alleged daily returns between 1% and 5%. At one place TY Capital says that your net return will be 50%, presumably per month.

So, what’s the reality?

Stay away from TY Capital

There are several problems with TY Capital Investment.

Illegal scheme

Company not authorizedTY Capital say the are a legal company in the UK. It’s true they have company registration, but they are not authorized by the FCA to provide investment service. See our picture with the proof.

This makes TY Capital an illegal investment scheme.

Dubious performance

Dubious numbersMore doubts arise when you look at the numbers. At least 30% per month and 19% from your referrals across three levels are typical characteristics of a scam.

You have to realize that TY Capital would have to achieve even bigger profits, because they need to get their part, they won’t do it for free.

To us TY Capital seems to be a Ponzi scheme that is just redistributing money they get from deposits.


TY Capital Investment is not a legitimate investment opportunity, it is not regulated and offered returns are too high. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptos on your own, start by practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t switch to trading with real money until you have a profitable strategy and an understanding of the risks.

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