TYPICAL SCAM: Bitcoin Aussie System review

Bitcoin Aussie System websiteIn this review you will learn that Bitcoin Aussie System is a total scam that can only lose your money. It is presented by Jasper Boyle.

Bitcoin Aussie system is supposed to be a trading solution for Bitcoin trading with an accuracy up to 99%.

Thanks to this accuracy it allegedly can make you money on autopilot, so you have nothing to learn.

And guess what, this miraculous system is free. Isn’t it strange? Of course, it is!

Bitcoin Aussie System scam

The funny thing about recent crypto scams is that they don’t know how cope with the fact that cryptocurrencies have been falling since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin Aussie System is no different, the video is talking only about how Bitcoin was rising last year and it completely omits the fact that Bitcoin has lost 63% of its value since the last peak.

But let’s give you some more tangible proofs that Bitcoin Aussie System is a scam.

Fake reviews

Paid actorIn the Bitcoin Aussie System video you will see a few people endorsing this system, they say they have been earning a lot of money with it.

The problem is that these people are paid actors who are lying for money. Check our picture to see a proof, anybody can hire this man for 15 dollars.

Testimonials are fakeThe static testimonials are fake too. Scammers used stock photos to fabricate reviews.

On our second picture you will see a proof that these people have nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading.

How it really works

It’s clear that the real purpose of Bitcoin Aussie System is to make you deposit money with an affiliated and non-regulated broker.

The reason is that scammers who run this system are being paid by this broker for referring new depositors. As simple as that, there is nothing more into it, just scammers wanting to earn a commission thanks to your deposit.

You can be sure that if you trade real money with Bitcoin Aussie System, you will lose everything.


Bitcoin Aussie System is a scam made to make money to scammers while losing yours. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade with cryptocurrencies to try to make money, try it first on a free demo account with a regulated broker so that you don’t risk anything.

Start trading with real money only when you understand all the risks and have a solid strategy.

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1 thought on “TYPICAL SCAM: Bitcoin Aussie System review

  1. Something like this, by Australians? That alone is already worthy being marked as scam. No, seriously, this, my very own country, is full of these scam jabbers. Scam lures on every corner, on every cloud, on TV, just about everywhere you look at. Pathetic. See the similarities between some other scam/crook haven countries?

    But on the other side, people deserve it to be scammed because they are as dum as dumb can get dumb and believe just any shit that is thrown at them. Besides, common sense had long been brainwashed away from them by our suppressing government(s) and their “democratic systems”.

    Pathetic humanity.

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