TYPICAL SCAM: Wish Money review

This review is a warning against Wish Money, which is a dangerous financial scam.

Wish Money reviewWish Money is presented as a cryptocurrency project that is offering multiple features. There should by a cryptocurrency called WishMoney that has smart contract capabilities and it is being mined in mobile phones. WishMoney was seemingly designed for e-commerce.

There supposedly also is a second cryptocurrrency called Sport1coin which is used in online gaming.

Participating in Wish Money can allegedly make you lots of money, daily returns of up to 2.1% can be improved by referring other people to the system.

Wish Money scam

The truth is that Wish Money is a scam and in this review we explain why.

WishMoney and Sport1coin

Wishmoney testimonialThe first thing easy to verify is that that there are no cryptocurrencies called WishMoney or Sport1coin. You can check Coinmarketcap.com or any other similar service that is monitoring cryptocurrencies to see by yourself.

This means that either WishMoney and Sport1coin do not exist at all or that they are some closed systems that cannot be monitored and verified by the public. Either way this is a huge red flag, because both these cryptocurrencies are supposed to be used in public projects, so they have to exist and they cannot be private.

We believe that WishMoney and Sport1coin do not exist at all.

Impossible returns

Wishmoney scamAnother thing that we have to point out in this WishMoney review is that the returns this project promises are absolutely unreal.

2.1% daily is more than 60% per month, which is absolutely unsustainable for any legitimate project. 60% per month is unfortunately a number that can be seen with scams only. The best investment funds would be extremely happy to reach this number in one year.

Also, the pyramidal referral scheme of WishMoney is another typical scam element. All in all, it resembles very much to the mother of these crypto scams Bitconnect, it is designed in a very similar way.

You have to know that these scams can run for a certain limited period of time, because they can use the deposits to pay out some profits to make it look legit, but they are doomed to fail and a big collapse is always just a matter of time, it is inevitable.

Wishmoney review conclusion

Wish Money is a scam, it offers unrealistic returns and the Wishmoney and Sport1coin cryptocurrencies don’t even exist. Stay away from it!

Cryptocurrencies can have some decent returns, but trade only with the established ones that have proven their worth over time. You can try crypto trading on a free demo account.

But don’t forget that cryptocurrencies are volatile, you can make money, but also lose, so be careful.

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1 thought on “TYPICAL SCAM: Wish Money review

  1. These guys have a substantial number of people running around and capturing money in Brazil, they hardly provide information only that the people organizing the fundraising events were poor people 6 months ago and now they have big houses, Porsches, BMWs and that investing in wish money delivers between 2 and 2,1% daily !!!!!
    It is really unbelievable that regulators allow this to happen and are so slow in taking action against this new type of fraud.
    Without any doubt as long as the new money keeps flowing in, they will pay but once the outflow is bigger than the inflow they will be gone…….. and so will the money of the investors…..

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