UGLY SCAM – Quantum Code – review

Quantum Code System web siteThis review is about a new binary options scam called “Quantum Code”, it is presented by Michael Crawford.

Crawford claims to have a binary options trading software called the Quantum Code System that is extremely profitable. It allegedly makes $100,000 per week to every user because it has no losing trades at all.

Crawford is now offering a free licence for his software to 20 new people, so you can get the Quantum Code System free of charge.

Quantum Code scam

Michael Crawford scammerThe truth is that Micahel Crawford is just a fictitious character played by an actor. The Quantum Code project has been put together by scammers who are very experienced in this field.

They get paid by certain brokers to refer new depositors. So they need you to deposit at least $250 with their broker, because it will earn them an affiliate commission.

This means two things: Quantum Code System is not free, because you have to deposit first, and the software is losing money.


Fake testimonialsAll the testimonials you can see in the Quantum Code presentation are fake. Actors were paid to endorse the system.

So they are not real users of the system and you cannot rely upon what they say.

The losing software

Quantum Code appWe checked the Quantum Code System that you are supposed to trade with to make money. And it is a well-known app to us, it was created by scammers and it is used in many scams.

Look at the picture, the same software is used for example by Profit Protection and Quick Cash Method scams. Scammers only change colours and logos.


The Quantum Code System is a simple scam designed to lose your money in trading with a software that has no real edge in the markets.

Binary options are very easy to understand, but you still need a real profitable strategy to make money. You can try to build one on a free demo account.

Then you’ll see if binary options trading is something you could succeed in.

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  1. Thank you for your report on this other ‘binary options’-scam.

    How can I possibly stop all these ‘binary option’-scam’s entering my
    e-mail address?

    I tried to ‘unsubscribe’.

    But this seemed to bloat my box even more.

    Thanks for some advise


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