Ultimate4Trading – review of a scam on binary options

One of our readers asked us for an opinion about “Ultimate4Trading” on binary options and we came to the conclusion that it would make an interesting review. So here it is.


This system is no different from tons of binary options scams that we have seen over the years. A guy called Jim Cross says that he developed the Ultimate4Trading system with a couple of friends from university. It is an automated binary options trading strategy that allegedly made them a lot of money and now they are sharing it for free. How beautiful, right? Well, not so.

A scam

Let’s get straight to proofs that Ultimate4Trading is a binary options scam like many others.


Quotes are unverifiable.
Quotes are unverifiable.

First let’s start with awards the Ultimate4Trading supposedly received. When you look at the video presentation from Startup365, first ask yourself what is Startup365? It is a web site (Start-up365.com) created in July 2015 and looks like created really on purpose to support Ultimat4Trading.

In the presentation video you can see quotes from the “Boston Financial Herald” for example. But we have not found any media with this name. Boston Herald is the only one that comes close, but it has never mentioned Ultimate4Trading. The other quotes from the video are unverifiable too, so we must conclude that they are fake.

Free with an affiliate program?

You give it away for free and pay affiliates?
You give it away for free and pay affiliates?

Ultimate4Trading is free. Yet they have an affiliate program, so they are willing to pay you if you refer new traders to their program.

Ask yourself this question: If you offer something for free, why would you pay affiliates to get you new customers for this free product? Where would you get the money from?

Fake demo

We could go on and on with suspicious things about Ultimate4Trading, but as they offer a free demo, we tested it. And we discovered a big problem, their demo is faking trades, it makes losing trades winning, so you get a wrong impression about the performance of the system.

So on the demo you’ll be making money because the system is faking trades. Then you will open a real account, trade the same way, but you will lose your money. Look at the video, you’ll see how Ultimate4Trading is faking trades, it rewrites losers to winners.

On the left you see Ultimate4Trading, on the right we mirrored the trades with a top option broker to see how the price really evolves.

termsBut is it really a surprise? You know you should always read Terms and Conditions, which in this case state: “For the avoidance of doubt, the User should not and will not expect any similarities between the demo account and the real and/or live account.”



Ultimate4Trading is a scam, albeit a sophisticated one. Through a faked demo they will let you think that they have a winning system, but in reality you will lose your deposit when you start to trade for real. Ultimate4Trading makes money because they are affiliated with brokers, so they will get paid for every new trader they refer. This is the purpose of their story and program, make you deposit and trade with their broker.

As we always say, if you really want to make money on binary options, which is perfectly possible, learn how to trade, build a profitable strategy and trade your account yourself. You can try it on a free demo that will give you real results.

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74 thoughts on “Ultimate4Trading – review of a scam on binary options

  1. Infact there is a disclaimer at their website which says that its an advetorial there is no algo and all are actors

  2. Market works on the principle of demand and supply , no algo can claim more than 50% of winning … I always belive that if am winning a trade there has to be someone on the other end who is loosing it…

  3. Thank you all for the above review. I almost fall into it. I saw an article in Yahoo page saying “Don’t Buy Any Stocks Until You See This!” – so i checked out the article and it is link to this – start-up365.net – Apparently, there’s a short video of a morning program where the anchor interviews two students – a guy and a girl, and Lisa the producer is at the back stage testing the platform. It is convincing and they would say that you have to avail the free registration as this is for limited slots only. I registered and I got a call within 5 minutes from their “customer service representative” and asked me some question and he recommended I should start with USD500 to fund my account. I said, will try the demo first then will check some reviews for due diligence. So, I googled for reviews and have landed on great ones and promoting U4T! Until, this site…thank you for sharing your insights about U4T.

  4. It is Scam, I noticed this link
    and this link

    the same in tha arabic version and using the same “-ar” 🙂

  5. SCAM for sure. Check these 2 fake promo web-sites… that are obviously created by WGM Services (owner of eztrader, ultimate for trading and so on:
    Look at the bottom of the pages who’s in the new team:
    Josh Silverman = Laurent Dalerti
    Lisa Delaney = Vanessa Pasquier
    Laura Reyes-Knight = Mélanie Detranchant
    All of them are just fake actors.

  6. Its a scam…
    They called me directly to buy in, within 5min!!.
    The guy could barely speak proper English and only knew enough to get someone to give details to the account manager.
    I got in just out of curiosity to see the layout… but its all fake… if you watch the video, the guys talks about programming as the main knowledge to produce this product, but no mention of how the data is correlated… maybe the dont know what that word means… lol… if one had a little bit of knowledge of the how data is managed, then its easy to realize that its a scam…. Im not giving out more hints to way its fake, as these guys may take this info and improve their information…

  7. look at the forum, link below, and you will know is a scams.
    Founders are just actors. there are 3 sets of actors for Italy, France & UK version.
    So to say students in Italy, France , UK all doing the same graduate projects? bullshit!

  8. I invested working funds to trade using the Ultimate4trading bot but subsequently after trading I realised I had been scammed. I established that the system will block a realy good trade request by either resetting the page and converting a put to a call or call to a put when the page reloads. or it presents a message “Transaction Failed, Try Again” And you try again and again.

    I eventually complained to EZTrader on 18 March 2016 and requested the return of the balance of my funds in my account. Now after almost a month I am still waiting. EZTrader has closed my account with them, preventing me logging in to monitor my funds balance and transfer which I suspect will never happen.

    My advice is to keep away from this company.

    1. Hi, EZTrader is a regulated company, so you can complain to the CySEC and the Financial Ombudsman.

  9. Without doubt a scam. I received an email from a friend which made its way into my spam folder; somehow through surfing/Facebook clicking she triggered an auto mail from their site to myself. It looks like a legit email but she did not write or intentionally send it.

    This act alone is good enough to demonstrate illegitimacy! Further net trawling shows all the signs of a scam with a lot of effort placed upon trying to conceal it.

    Avoid it like the plague…

  10. I am a full-time independent foreign exchange and equity indices trader so when I saw the advertisement on numerous occasions I always ignored it. If the algorithm worked like they claim they could earn hundreds of millions and sell it to Wall Street firms so the sky would be the limit. Selling the system is therefore often a sure sign the seller is not earning enough from trading and is focused on earning profits from the gullible.
    Today is Easter Monday so I lazily clicked on the link and listened to the video. I didn’t need to check anything further. This is simply not how trading in the real world works. However, they are obviously expert marketers and have done a great job in ensuring it appeals to their target audience. Simply put, it is nonetheless a scam. Buyer beware!

  11. Thank you for this review. After the phone call 60 seconds after I joined I declined the offer to deposit £500 and receive a bonus of £250; but only just! I traded on the demo for an hour, with huge success, and was about to make a deposit.
    I then thought, before I do I will do a quick google to see what others had said about this trading system. I found this page. Thank you thank you thank you, I can’t believe how naive I am at my age. Totally thick. Thank you for saving me £500.

  12. Oh look – my comment needs to be moderated… LOL yet again proof that you are just damning one scam to get people to sign up to your own !

  13. …and of course the link you provide to a different binary options bot is not a scam either…shame on you….

  14. Thank you so much, God Bless you guys… Too many online scam nowadays, making money is really not easy…

  15. Thank you for this review. I did have a look at the youtube vido demonstration. I started to get suspicious when the registration page would not let me into the terms and conditions. I also thought the registration process generally seemed a bit dodgy. Delighted i came out of the process and found this review. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck………….it is usually a duck!! Thanks again.

  16. Post came through on Facebook. I was tempted, so thank you for the information. I have posted your web site as a reference for others.

  17. You should stop promoting ULTIMATE4TRADING because they are scammers, they work with EZtraders as their broker.
    their trading soft ware system wipes of your trade before the trading time expires.
    You will not get your money back if you want to withdraw from EZtraders are are in the scamming business with them.
    Ultimate4trading does not reply emails and have no chat device on their website. in fact right now if you try to click on “contact us” it is not working” I got to know the through start-up365.net, I tried to report them on this site to let them know that they are promoting scam their email contact said message was not sent.


    1. Star t-up365 is a scam too…just look at its content..load of rubbish…A set up sucker promo lead in before the trap springs when depositing money with EZT never to be seen again..

  18. I got suckered in too. Worst problem is that one has no control at all. I set the software to do 1 LOW risk trade just to check it out.
    The software took 25 trades and wiped out my account.
    WIN rate was about 50% so after I turned off the software, I still recovered some money in my account.
    I contacted support at EZTrader and ultimate4trading to get a response, but NEVER got one.
    Live and learn
    Regards Lars

  19. I got suckered into this as well. Lost £200 Bloody sent in my scanned documents too so I don’t know what they plan to do. I am going to tell my bank I don;t recognise the payment so they will cancel the card.

  20. I tried the demo account. In an hour I doubled my money. I opened a real account and deposited 200 dollars. Started trading, 2 wins out of 6 trades. Compared live platform with live demo account (opened account under different name) and they were different. They give me opposite trades. Traded exactly the same pairs on both accounts. The demo account gave me a win and the real a loss. This is a scam and who is Startup365. Both do not have contact details. How and who can these thieves can be reported to.

  21. Sadly, I deposited £200 they then gave me £100 – I lost the majority of it. I really should have guessed – the site kept crashing, I couldn’t initially down load docs. there was no live chat and no one responded to my emails. I’m normally not taken in by this sort of thing but what convinced me that it wasn’t a scam was the four students – they are not much older then my kids and I just couldn’t imagine them so blatantly, putting themselves out there like that if it wasn’t genuine.
    I should also have guessed because the news program was American but apparently U4T isn’t available in the US because of their tax laws – so why would they be advertising it there.
    After emailing them re – it being a scam – I have had a reply from EZTrader telling me that I am now one of their worldwide family and they will mentor me until I am successful – (well lucky me) no doubt they are trying to scoop up anyone who complains and scam them again.
    Bless you all!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry but I disagree with you. I’m trading with eztrader’s platform for many times and I didn’t have any issues with them. They have awesome support, they helped me and explained me everything I needed. I don’t know if you traded with other binary options platforms but if you did, you should know that eztrader is a very good company. They are regulated and available all the time, at least they are each time I tried to contact them.

  22. Tried to cancel with Broker, they wont do it until I send documents to verify who I am. Money has gone out of my CC as I telephoned to check this morning. I am very frustrated. Dont want to send such valuable information as Passport and Credit Card, and Utility Bill details in photo form.

    1. You can say that you want to cancel the agreement and get your money back. Otherwise you can do a charge back on your card. Identity verification is normal when you are trading and withdrawing profits, but it should not be mandatory when you cancel the agreement.

  23. Hi I have just read all these reviews. I deposited £600 with U4T yesterday on my CC but did not complete the registration as I smelt a rat. Where do I stand now, have they got my money or not? I have emailed them confirming I do not want to register, please cancel and am waiting for a reply. I am really worried about my money. What can I do now? I know, nobody needs to say it, I am a fool.

    1. Hi, U4T doesn’t have your money, it is the broker they introduced you to. Up till now they have been sending people to EZTrader, so check it and contact the broker saying that you want to cancel the deposit and get your money back.

  24. Dear reader

    I would like to give my feed back on Ultimate4trading.
    After watching start-up365.net interview on Ulimate4trading.
    I tried up with the demo with $500 and profited up to $7000 plus easily.
    The winning rate is about 70 to 80%.
    I transferred real money of $400 and got an extra of $200 as bonus, so total is $600.
    I began trading and within a few hour i lost all the money.
    The loosing rate was about 70%.
    In between that few hours i took break to see is there different in the loosing rate, but no different.
    I was careful by trading small amount of $10 to $25 most of the time, but the loosing rate was to high.
    I printed the screen of the trade i did.
    I can transfer the images to you if you gave me a link to do so.
    If you see the images, you will believe what i just said.

    Best Regards

    1. Dear Agabus, I also registered this Ultimate4trading, but haven’t try real account. Actually I almost want to try, but after read many comments here, I changed mine. Would you mind send me your screenshot that you said you lost much because of Ultimate4trading to es.1niki@yahoo.com?


  25. Anyone who is really annoyed at this setup, please join us on the Facebook page “hate Ultimate Trading”, the whole setup is the same on different sites we are doing an expose and are looking to identify the people in the videos and on the websites. We have posted the photos across all social media so please help us find them and post information on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hateultimate4trading

  26. Definitely a scam. Look at Preditrend, it uses the same scamming formula.

    Check this web link Definitely a scam. https://vimeo.com/149190802

    1. A fake news reporting agency
    2. A fake startup award: Preditrend is StartupF5 and Ultimate is Startup365
    3. Fake Student University project: Same storyline, different “actors” used as students
    4. Exactly the same trading Platform: identical with Ultimate4Trading
    5. Exactly the same backstage lady call Lisa (cut and paste, all the same expression, background, dressing, equipment) look at time 0:013 in the Preditrend video, you see exactly the same Lisa in Ultimate4Trading.
    6. It’s not Free. It’s tied to their own broker and scam you of your money. You are not free to use the programme independently from your own broker, etc.

  27. Yes, very disappointing and more than likely a scam, for all the reasons you guys have mentioned. Exactly the same experience – great results on the demo account that turned losing trades to winners at the last second. Being a beginner, thought those trades had just taken a lucky turn and after 2 hours was up £3000. Turned to live trading and after three carefully planned and monitored sessions, lost my £200 deposit. You live and learn.

  28. Hi thank you for the insight. You know when things like this seem to be too good to be true they always are.Especially in this binary world.If you want to waste your money just send it to me instead.I’ll just waste it on something useful instead. Binary trading is very high risk you can make money but it takes months of practice like anythingi n life if you want to become good at something then dedication and time must be applied.Happy Trading.

  29. Wish I had known…say the demo and it took me like magic. Was suspicious when their website linked with the EZTrading. My deposit was £200 and was given an extra £100 making £300. I later read some reviews and tried to get my withdraw my money. Was told I need to complete 3 transactions. Also the £100 disappeared and was left with my £200 deposit. Tried it and made 1 profit, 1 Tie and 2 loss. End up with £168 balance which I withdraw today and also was told it will take 7 working days to get my money back when they took the money it was immediate. I learnt the hard way. All these people are just SCAMMERS……. be warned people.

  30. Yes, its a scam! I came across EZtrader with a different promotion. I signed up and stupidly took advantage of their bonus offer. Accepting a bonus offer means your winnings are locked up until you have traded 10-20 times the bonus. I had to trade through £7000 before I could recover my potential winnings. In the end I lost £200 and had to accept I’d been a mug. Your comments above made me recheck the demo site.. You’re right losses immediately turn to profits at 1 second to deadline. The ‘phone call 10 minutes after I joined the demo platform was sinister and almost compelling. In short I will not be putting money with Ultimate 4 trading- certainly not wilst they are linked to EZTader.

  31. Thanks for your useful info.I registered with Ultimate4trading having seen it on yahoo placement this week.I tried out the demo 20 times & it gave me 65% winning ratio.I was just about to start trading but my CC did not go through however, within a few seconds I got a call from their brokers offering services of someone who can train me on successful use of platform for £1000.I was not happy to hear that as they were selling the product on ease of use.Then did I realise this must be a rat or clever scam.I started researching & came across your portal.I am so glad I did not fall for this scam & hope others do not too.

  32. I tried the demo and “made $3700” in 2 hours, I kept a separate spreadsheet to track the trades and made money on losses ???
    So, I have run some searches and researched the system. It’s a scam.
    Don’t waste your hard earned cash

  33. I opened a demo account and made over $5k in less than 30 minutes. Also noticed the trades being loosing trades suddenly changing into winning trades at the close.

  34. The University of Birmingham has “no results” on it’s website for this company or any of the individuals mentioned. STINKS OF SCAM.

  35. Yep Me too saw the news item checked it out signed up
    started on the demo made a bundle !! -80 % winning trades !!!
    Got the bonus from the broker that was gone in around 1 hour of trading
    im now down to just over £100 of £200 invested the win rate after 63 trades was less than 50%
    nothing like the demo and now ive read other people are having the same results
    ive e mailed U4T not heard a thing back suprise suprise !!!

  36. I am surprised if this is a scam that the FCA have not pounced on them and closed it down – strange?

    1. New scams are created every day, the FCA would first have to find out who is behind this, the country of origin etc. I think they unfortunately do not have enough resources to go after every scam out there.

  37. wow really did not know what pages they could steal how are you, I am very grateful for your post and so do not fall into their trap since I’m new to the subject.
    I owe thanks friend

  38. Scam ! i’ve tried total 20 demo trades and shld make net $920 but the balance still show $270.

  39. Yes, your all dead right, am certain of it. I went and tried the demo but could not understand why i appeared to lose, yet my account showing fantastic profit. Scammers and they should be pursued in the courts.

  40. Thanks very much for sharing this important information with us. Really appreciate it. Keep it up

  41. Yes they are a scam. I suggest anyone reading these comments should steer well clear of them and advise your friends too. I was invited to open an account with them via an email that supposedly came from a friend. I don’t think that email was sent directly from her either.
    They’ll get caught and a nice lengthy term in a prison cell will await them – as they say ‘Money ill gotten is Money ill spent’!

    1. same thing happened to me contacted my friend,never even heard of it SCAMMMMMMMMMM

  42. Another indication is that in the terms and condition they are asking you to provide a photocopy of your driver license, credit care that you will make the deposit on. In this day and age, you don’t need to provide photo copy of your credit card, it usually is a web verification. As for the driver license- What the?

  43. I was fool enough to waste £200 GBP, when I thought back I realised that on the demo
    I was winning even when the trade lost. Had a chance at the start when I actually made
    £100BGP profit. Should have pulled it out then.

  44. Matty Voss is a guy called Johny Caplan you’ll see him on Dragons Den pimping a product called the Pokercontroller

  45. yep, the so called smart algorithm is not working as advertised, and the real business model is making people trade witht heir platform. lost money with it, but i guess i was expecting it, as well.

  46. Totally agree! Tried 2 demos with great results. Started on a live account with 6 wins, 12 losses. Immediately opened another demo and made 10 straight winners. Then 4 more trades live; 1 win 3 losses. Straight back to the demo and 10 straight wins. All this during the same session.
    Obviously the Broker is complicit in this scam.

  47. a sophisticated scam but still a scam. unfortunately i learnt the hard way. it just doesnt do what it says it does

  48. Thanks for the review. Really helpful are the explanations on how the scam works as ultimate4trading has swamped the internet with fake reviews and fake assurances on it not being a scam.

  49. hi, thanks for your review. I tried the demo site a few times and was suspicious an what was even more concerning is they don’t use https for secure login so effectively any details sent over this link could be easily stolen. I stopped at this stage and searched for reviews and found this very useful one and a number of others saying that this is a scam.

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