Unbelievable scam review: Perpetual Formula

Perpetual FormulaIn this article we review a binary options scam in the making, it is called “Perpetual Formula”. It is presented by David Parker.

We came across Perpetual Formula in its early days, the presentation was obviously not entirely ready, but at least we could see how scammers proceed.

Sometimes they can use unrelated videos on their web site until they are ready with their own, you can see that on the pictures.

What is it about

resultsDavid Parker claims that Perpetual Formula is a software that can make you over $300,000 per month.

It allegedly was created in 2011 but it still needs beta testers. You can become one of them for free.

So you allegedly don’t need any knowledge or experience to earn big money with this system.

Perpetual Formula is an ordinary scam

Despite the unbelievable videos we could see on the Perpetual Formula web site, it is still a fairly ordinary binary options scam. Parker (or whatever his real name is) is affiliated with a broker. So he will get paid for every new depositor he refers to his broker.

And this is the only purpose of Perpetual Formula, he needs you to deposit money with his broker, it’s how he earns his commissions. The worthless software will then lose your money in trading.


TestimonialsOn the Perpetual Formula web site you can see testimonials. Some people are endorsing this system saying how much they earned with it.

But these testimonials are totally fake. Scammers used stolen photos and posted some fictitious stories with them. Look at the picture to see where are these photos from.

Perpetual Formula software

Perpetual Formula appThe best proof that Perpetual Formula is a scam is again the app itself. It is a piece of software used by scammers only.

Recently we’ve seen it in Globe Traders and Binary Interceptor scams for example, look at the picture.


Perpetual Formula is a scam sponging on binary options. The software will lose your money if you use it.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account. It is where you can really learn trading.

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  1. Why other s*um bags reviewers praised this piece of crab?? Thanks for your honest review.

    1. Because they get paid for it, every new victim that goes through their affiliate links means a commission for them.

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