UNCOOL SCAM – Auto Money Machine review

Auto Money Machine websiteThis review of Auto Money Machine is a warning for you. Do not trade with this system of Arthur McCool.

McCool says that he can give you access to a binary options trading system called Auto Money Machine. This system allegedly has a 93.72% success rate and makes $2765.25 in average every day.

And Auto Money Machine is of course free, since money is free in this world, right?

Auto Money Machine scam

Auto Money Machine appAuto Money Machine is one of the most ordinary binary options scams we have seen.

It works like this: McCool is a fictitious character with a fictitious story. His voice belongs to a paid actor. Real owners of Auto Money Machine remain hidden.

These real owners are affiliated with the broker Opteck that will pay them for referring new depositing clients. And this is the only purpose of Auto Money Machine, to make you deposit and trade with Opteck, because if you do it, these scammers will earn an affiliate commission.

But how could they make you deposit at least $250 with their broker? The need you to believe that they can make you money, that their software is miraculous and free. But in reality their software is a piece of crap that loses money.

Terms and ConditionsLook at the second picture, alongside Auto Money Machine you’ll see several other scams, like Profit Maximizer, that use the same software to lure new victims to Opteck. The result is always the same, people who deposit money with these scams never see it again.

And fake testimonials with paid actors that scammers show you in their videos don’t change a thing to this fact. If you still have doubts, read the Terms and Conditions on the third picture.


Let’s sum up this Auto Money Machine review. It is a scam that will push you to deposit money with Opteck and trade with a crappy software that will lose your deposit. In other words a confirmation that nobody will give you money for free.

You can make money in binary options trading, they are easy to understand, but first you have to learn how to trade on a free demo account.

Never trade any strategy or system that you could not verify on a demo first.

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