UNDERWHELMING SCAM: Signalex Analytics Group review

Signalex Analytics Group official webIn this review we explain why Signalex Group is a scam that you have to avoid. It is presented by Jianguo Liu.

Liu claims that with his team he created a cryptocurrency platform that can predict price movements with a 79% accuracy. Thanks to this performance it can allegedly make you $5800 today.

And that is not the only miracle, because you can get the Signalex Analytics Group software for free. Really?

Signalex Analytics Group scam

The truth is that Signalex Group is just another cryptocurrency scam. Liu’s story is completely fictitious, this guy does not exist, there is no profitable software you can get for free.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are fakeOn the Signalex Analytics Group website you will see some photos from people claiming that they bought a Lamborghini, a yacht or a new kitchen with money they made with this trading system. But all these testimonials are fake.

They were made with stolen photos, check our picture to see a proof. The yacht is from a rental website, the kitchen is from a home design ideas website.

Fake demo

Demo is fakeSignalex Analytics Group will let you try the software in a demo mode that will generate profits. But they are fake.

The demo is fake, it is not showing prices nor expiry times or stop losses and take profits. And for a good reason, because if they told you these details, you would easily see that results are faked, you could check them against a real price feed.

How it really works

The only real aim of Signalex Analytics Group is to make you deposit money with a shady and unregulated broker called Coinpro Exchange. Because if you do it, people who run this scam will get paid by the broker for referring a new depositor. That’s how it works.

If you deposit money with Coinpro Exchange and let the Signalex Analytics Group robot trade with it, you will quickly lose everything.


Signalex Analytics Group is a scam that is made to lose your money with a shady broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to make profits in crypto trading, you will have to build your own profitable strategy. Start on a free demo with a regulated broker to see risk free if you can succeed in this.

And remember that trading is risky, so trade only with money you can afford to lose.

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