UNEXEPTIONAL SCAM: Prebitnow review

PrebitnowSee in this review that Prebitnow is an investment scam that is going to lose a lot of money.

Prebitnow Ltd. claims to be a company involved in online trading. The company allegedly uses trading bots on digital currency stock markets, which allows it to make big profits.

There are four investment plans that you can choose from, with returns up to 340% after 5 days (deposit included), which means 48% net per day. Does it really work?

Prebitnow scam

Investment plansWith this program you need just common sense to see that it is a scam. 48% per day means 1440% per month, which is absolutely insane and impossible.

No legit business in this world can multiply your money 14 times in a single month. That is a fact. This also means that Prebitnow is a scam, there is no other possibility.

Fake company

No real companyPrebitnow claims there are some sort of guarantees because it is a registered company. But it is not true. Prebitnow has just a tax registration that means nothing in terms of guarantees. The company is only one month old, so no history.

There would be guarantees if Prebitnow was licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, but it is not, see the proof on our picture.

It also means that Prebitnow is an illegal investment service, since it is not authorized by the FCA.

How it really works

Prebitnow is a scam, maybe a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme uses new deposits to pay withdrawals, which of course cannot last long, so it always collapses quickly.

There is no genuine business activity going on, just an illegal financial game and redistribution of money collected on deposits.


Prebitnow is an ordinary scam based on an illegal scheme, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in online trading, start learning on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Only when you have a proper strategy ready and you understand the risks, you can start trading with real money.

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