UNFAIR SCAM: Regal Miner review

Regal Miner official webIn this review we explain that Real Miner is a crypto scam that is going to lose money.

Regal Miner is supposed to be a cloud mining service. It means that you can purchase mining power online and get the rewards.

There are three mining plans with up 10% daily returns. This means 300% per month. Doesn’t seem too good to be true?

Regal Miner scam

Mining plans are fakeRegal Miner seems too good because it simply is not true. There has never been a time when you could make 10% per day in cloud mining. Because of todays price of cryptocurrencies it is even almost impossible to profitable in cloud mining!

So, anybody offering you 10% from cloud mining is just a scammer and liar. It simply is not possible to achieve these numbers in real crypto mining. And this means only one thing, Regal Miner is a scam, it is not about mining, but…

Ponzi scheme

Regal Miner obviously is a Ponzi scheme. It means that it collects money and might redistribute something via its plans just to attract more people into the system.

But as no real mining or any other business activity is going on, withdrawals will quickly exceed deposits and the system will collapse. This happens always with these programs, there is no exception.

This is why they accept deposits in crypcurrencies only, these transactions are pretty anonymous and irreversible, so they will be able to run with your money easily.


Regal Miner is a scam, it is not a mining service. It will just take your money and sooner or later collapse!

Cloud mining is barely profitable nowadays, forget about it. Money with cryptos can be made in trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

But bear in mind that in trading you can make, but also lose money, it all depends on your strategy, so work on it.

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2 thoughts on “UNFAIR SCAM: Regal Miner review

  1. You are lier because I invested in regalminer and they are paying me.they are 100% trusted miner.they didn’t offer high profit there highest profit is 3% so you are scammer and you trying to people scam with your trading.

    1. Fortunately we made screenshots and posted them in our article, so we have proofs. And 5% – 10% is absolutely impossible in cloud mining, so Regal Miner is a scam, there is no other possibility.

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