UNFINISHED SCAM: 365 Bitcoin Trader review

365 Bitcoin TraderIn this review we warn against 365 Bitcoin Trader, which is an obvious crypto scam, even though maybe not active.

The 365 Bitcoin Trader website seems unfinished. There is a video promoting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is stated that 365 Bitcoin Trader is an app for crypto trading that allegedly won some awards and is capable of making you at least $13,000 per day.

Can a free piece of software do this for you?

365 Bitcoin Trader scam

LiesYou just need to carefully go through the 365 Bitcoin Trader to see that it is a scam. There are some fake testimonials and an unfinished FAQ section that features only one answer speaking about the $13,000 daily earnings.

We have reviewed close to one thousand investment scam and we can clearly see that the 365 Bitcoin Trader website is a typical scam website. Anybody who promises you a 99.4% win rate is a scammer, there is no other way.

Reviews are fakeYou can be sure that 365 Bitcoin Trader is not a proprietary trading software and that it hasn’t won any awards. It for sure is a generic app made by scammers to take money from people.

The fake testimonials show it too, this is a scam with an unfinished website.

How it really works

These scams work in a simple way. They are associated with unregulated brokers, or even maybe run by them. These unregulated brokers pay commissions for every new depositor sent their way, and this is how these scams make money.

They use lies to make you believe that they can make you money, just so you deposit with their shady broker and earn them a commission. Then their trading software will lose your money and the story ends.


365 Bitcoin Trader is a typical scam, don’t sign up and certainly don’t deposit any money with it!

If you want to try crypto trading to make money, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn what is needed.

You have to understand that you can make, but also lose money in trading. Keep that in might if you later decide to trade with real money.

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