UNHOLY SCAM: Bitcoin Money review

Bitcoin Money official webThis review presents proofs that the Bitcoin Money Software is a disgusting scam.

The Bitcoin Money software is supposed to be a trading app that will trade bitcoin with a 99.4% accuracy. This allegedly will earn you at least $1,100 per day.

Bitcoin Money is free, so does it sound real, that a free app will make you more than $30,000 per month?

Bitcoin Money Software scam

Comparison of scamsNo free software will make you $1,100 per day, that’s just common sense. You need no experience to see that such an offer is obviously a scam.

In fact, Bitcoin Money is an old scam that keeps being rebranded. Check our picture to see some of its older names, like Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Revolt and Bitcoin Secret.

Fake testimonials

Faked testimonialsThere are more proofs that Bitcoin Money is a scam. Let’s have a look at testimonials. As you can see, they are totally fake.

Scammers used stock photos to create reviews with fictitious clients. These are not real users of the trading system.

Fake trading results

Faked tradesOn the Bitcoin Money’s website you can see a table with trading results that are supposed to show live profits.

But it is just another fake thing, these trades never happened, it’s just text generated by a script.

The truth

The true purpose of Bitcoin Money Software is to make you deposit money with a certain unregulated broker. That’s what you will be pushed to do immediately after your registration.

And this is how they get your money. If you make a deposit with their broker, you will never get anything back, no matter what you do. Scammers cooperate with shady brokers to steal money from investors.


Bitcoin Money is a scam program designed to steal your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in genuine crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

There are things you have to learn and understand before eventually trading with real money.

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