Unscrupulous scam review: Zero Risk Trading

Zero Risk Trading web siteThis review is about a new binary options scam called “Zero Risk Trading”. It is presented by Brad Robbins.

Robbins claims that he has an app for binary options trading that made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now he is offering his app for free to 50 people. Not only for free, but he promises $500 to start trading so that you don’t risk your own money.

Zero Risk Trading is a simple scam

This is the usual scam scheme, Robbins is affiliated with some brokers, so he will get paid for every new depositor that he can refer to them. So he made up his story about a wonderful and profitable binary options software just to convince you to open an account and deposit money.

Not free, no money to start

Because in reality you won’t get a single cent from Robbins to start trading with Zero Risk Trading. The first thing you’ll have to do is to deposit at least $250 of your own money, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use the app.

Look at the next picture, when you sign up, the balance is $0. No money to start with, it was a lie.

Favourite app of scammers

Zero Risk Trading softwareAnother thing we noticed is that Zero Risk Trading uses the same app as many other binary options scam, like Triana Soft for example.

This app is known for losing money to its users, we have a lot of negative feedback about it. It is used exclusively by scammers, so you can be sure that Zero Risk Trading is a scam.

No information

In the video you can hear Robbins saying that once you sign up, he’ll tell you details about himself, the app, why he is offering it for free etc. But when you sign up, the only thing you’ll see is a deposit request, no additional information whatsoever.


Zero Risk Trading is a binary options scam. You won’t get any money, you will have to deposit your own money and the app will then lose your deposit. So stay away from it.

If you want to see how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account. You’ll see that it is a legit opportunity, nevertheless it requires some work and learning before you can trade profitably.

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