Unsexy scam review: Playboy Millionaire

Playboy MillionaireThis is the review of a binary options scam called „Playboy Millionaire“. It is presented by James Benson.

When we first saw the Playboy Millionaire presentation, it was like a return deep into the 20th century with proclamations like easy women, fast money… A really cheap video.

Nevertheless we listened to Benson and heard that he allegedly has a binary options trading algorithm that works with quantum computers, it has a 85% win rate. It allegedly manipulate the markets, which by the way is illegal.

Playboy Millionaire is a cheap scam

All the people you can see in the video are just paid actors, including Benson. This is just a fake story to make you open a trading account with his broker, that’s all. If you then trade your account with the Playboy Millionaire app, you will lose your money.

Fake counter

At the top of the Playboy Millionaire page you can see a fake counter showing that you have only 10 minutes to join. But reload the page any time you want and you’ll have another 10 minutes again and again.

Fake account statements

Trading resultsAll the bank and trading accounts statements you can see in the video are fake. These are just edited images, the numbers are not real.

Look at the picture on the right, several people showed their trading accounts, but all of them took all the screenshots at the same minute? No, it is one image faked and edited to different numbers.

Not free

No deposit, no trading.
No deposit, no trading.

Scammers always lie and say that they don’t want your credit card, that you can put away your wallet.

It is not true. The first thing you will have to do after joining the Playboy Millionaire is to open a trading account with a selected binary options broker and deposit at least $250.

So you have to use your money. You will have to risk your money since the beginning, and you can be sure that you will lose it, because the trading software is worthless.


Playboy Millionaire is a scam that is trying to abuse binary options in order to make you lose money. So stay away.

If you want to see how you really can make money with binary options, try a free demo. Earning money in trading requires learning and a good strategy.

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