Shoto-BTC reviewBeware, Shoto-BTC is an investment scam that is lying in everything, you have to avoid it.

The webpage of ShotoBTC says that it is a cryptocurrency trading service that will make you between 4.7% and 5.2% daily, which is roughly 150% per month.

So, you allegedly will be able more than double your investment per month, which is a crazy statement.

ShotoBTC claims to be online for 2491 days, which is almost seven years. Really?

Shoto-BTC scam

Fake statsLet’s start with the stats that we have just mentioned, they are completely fake. ShotoBTC doesn’t exist for seven years, in fact, it has been around for only one year maximum.

As you can see on our picture, the domain has been registered one year ago, the site might be online for an even shorter period of time.

Impossible returns

ShotoBTC scamMaking consistent daily returns in crypto trading is impossible, because markets don’t always behave the same. It certainly is not possible to make 5% per day, this number is pure fiction.

Any program offering you steady daily returns, be it five, one or any other percent, is a scam. The same applies for monthly returns in tens or even hundreds of percent.

This is a quick way to judge any offer, just look at the returns. Numbers that are this high are always a confirmation of a scam.

No licence

We also have to remind you that investment programs have to be licensed by regulators. If you want to collect money from the public and invest it, you need to be regulated.

ShotoBTC is of course not regulated, it is an illegal financial scheme, a pure scam.


Shoto-BTC is a scam, not an investment program, don’t put any money into it!

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account to learn how it works.

Don’t invest real money until you understand the risks and have a proper trading strategy.

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