Virtual Currency International review – STAY AWAY from this program

VCIIn this review we have a look at the income offer of VCI (Virtual Currency International).

VCI is presented as a program in which you can purchase educational packages that are focused on Forex, futures, cryptocurrency and commodity trading.

Purchasing these packages is connected to a promise of income, you allegedly will be able to make up to 1.5% daily on your investment. Does it make any sense? Also, there is a referral program that could make you even more money.


Suspicious profitsAt first sight it is clear that Virtual Currency International is an MLM scheme. The educational packages play only a secondary role, because an MLM without any product would be considered as a totally illegal scheme.

However, even with a product we are not sure that Virtual Currency International is completely legal. Because when you promise regular returns based on an investment, regulators might consider this to be an investment service.

The most important thing here is that 1.5% daily is a huge number that is not sustainable for legit companies. It is more than 30% per month, which really is a number that we have seen with scams only.

We found no explanation from Virtual Currency International about how could they possibly generate such profits. Even if they were trading financial markets, this number is too big. 30% is a number that the best world’s hedge funds would be happy in a year, they can’t do this in one month.

This is why we highly doubt the honesty of VCI, we suspect that they are operating as a Ponzi scheme that just plays with money they get through clients’ deposits.


The promise of Virtual Currency International is very unrealistic. Plus, in our opinion, the program needs an authorization that it hasn’t. We recommend staying away from it.

If you are interested in financial trading, you can try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what profits are realistic in this field.

Also, remember that trading is not only about profits, you will also have losses, so be aware of the risks.

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