VOMIT SCAM: Adflippers review

AdFlippers websiteCheck this review to understand how the Adflippers scam works and how they will steal your money.

Adflippers is supposed to be an online advertisement platform which allows you to buy banners and earn money with them.

The promotional video says you can make thousands of dollars per day, while the membership in the Adflippers group is free. Seriously?

Adflippers scam

The truth is that Adflippers is just a scam like many others that are in the advertisement niche. Other scams with the same offer are for example AD Formula, Crowd Millionaire or Secret Investor Society.

Fake reviews

The article is fakeIn the Adflippers’ video you will see some articles that are supposed to prove that this program is working and paying. But all the articles are fake.

For example, the one from the New York Times, as you can see on our picture, NYT never published a single work about this program.

Fake testimonials

Paid actorAnother fake thing in the Adlfippers’ video is testimonials. Three people are endorsing the program and saying it changed their lives.

But they all lie, they are paid actors who just say what they are paid for. They have never earned a single cent with this platform.

How it really works

Click2sell scamIt’s true that advertisers pay for click on their banners. However, in order to get paid you have to have a website with good traffic, so that advertisers get interested in placing their banners on your website and pay you for visitors you send them.

Adflippers is just a scam, you cannot buy banners that will generate you money. They are selling fake ads that will never get displayed on real websites, they will just steal your money like all other scams the we have mentioned above.

After registering you will be required by Adflippers to buy a fake banner package for at least $200 via the Click2sell scam platform, and this is how they get your money.


Adflippers is a scam, they use fake banners to take money away from you, don’t send them anything! It is not possible to make money by buying banners.

If you want to try real financial trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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  1. Fighting scams online since 2013? Then why the hell are you conveniently advertising for Forex companies? Seems just a little bit bias right!?

    Forex is arguably one of the biggest global financial scam systems out there!! It’s a rigged game of the 99% handing their money to the 1% willingly at the hands of charming, well spoken “account managers”.

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