VorteXz Signals is a SCAM – review

In this review you will find reasons why not to trust and trade binary options with VorteXz Signals.

VorteXz Signals is a binary options signals service. Their trading signals allegedly have a win ratio greater than 80 %.

And VorteXz Signals is free, so you can get rich for free. Really?

VorteXz Signals scam

First of all let us remind you that providing binary options trading signals is considered by the law as providing investment advice, which is a regulated activity. So if you want to provide binary options signals legally in countries with a financial regulation, you have to have licence.

VorteXz Signals doesn’t have any licence, it is a completely anonymous service. So they are providing illegal investment advice.

Now think of this: How probable is that somebody, who has a winning strategy that can earn millions, is giving it away for free to anybody? Because this is what VorteXz Signals wants to look like.


VorteXz Signals is allegedly free, but it is not. You have to use their affiliate link, sign up with a broker of their choice and deposit money. Only then you will get access to the signals.

And VorteXz Signals is openly lying about this fact. At the bottom of the their pages they say that they are not connected to the brokers in any way, meanwhile on other places they admit that they want you to sign up and deposit through their affiliate link. Because this is how they make money, they refer depositing traders to their partner brokers. That’s the entire purpose of VorteXz Signals.

Fake testimonials

And finally we also have the typical scam element – fake testimonials. VorteXz Signals is showing a lot of positive reviews, but they are fake.

Look at the picture and you will see that they used stock photos for their testimonials, which is a scam.


VorteXz Signals clearly is a scam, so don’t deposit money with them, because it is very probable that you would lose it.

Don’t search for trading signals, all services we have seen so far were scams. Moreover you learn nothing by trading signals that can stop any time.

It is better to open a binary options demo account and learn to trade by yourself. This way you can build a profitable strategy that will be yours forever.

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4 thoughts on “VorteXz Signals is a SCAM – review

  1. It’s actually not a scam..im in the group for over 2 months, they had 0 lost. IT IS NOT A SCAM

  2. Yes they are a scam. The way they work is they give 5 good signals and 1-2 bad in which you lose everything. They make money of the brokers with which they have contracts. They are paid from commissions. When people lose money they get their commissions. Don’t be fooled!! They are a team from wich 5-6 are in the Discord group and they make you invest more and more but this is just an acting!!

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