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The CySec has issued a warning about the binary options broker CallAndPut. And it is not the only reason to not to trade with them.

The Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission issued their warning probably because CallAndPut.com were offering their services to clients on Cyprus. However this broker is not registered nor licensed on Cyprus.

But let us take this opportunity to explain that in such cases you don’t even need a warning from a regulatory body to know that you should stay away from a binary options broker.

When you are evaluating brokers, you should first look for regulatory information. If a broker is not clearly providing licensing information, it is a first warning.

Then look at contact information. You want to see a complete address, phone number and e-mail addresses or a contact form. CallAndPut does provide only a phone number and an e-mail address, which is not enough.

They do not say where are they from, which is another warning sign. The phone prefix +44 suggest that their offices are in the UK, but if they operate as a binary options broker in the UK, they have to be regulated by the FSA, which they clearly aren’t.

All in all it is not worth even trying to trade with CallAndPut.com

7 thoughts on “Warning about CallAndPut.com

  1. CallandPut are scammers. I lost $500 already. I want to close my account and retrieve my balance but they don’t reply to email or pick phone calls. Their staff kate christel, daniel Johnson are all fakes. Too bad i realised this when it’s too late.

  2. I have similar experience.
    The broker Frank lost all the funds in my account.
    now the live chat doesn’t work
    and the contact us page is forbidden.
    MY account is still active and the balance remains there, on paper.

    what is our recourse?

  3. Hi,

    i have tried to access the site callandput.com but it does not load. I would like to withdraw my funds from the site. Have called my portfolio manager FRANK LUCAS +44 2035192355 but the line does not even get through.

    There was another person Kate Christel who was emailing me at kate.christel@callandput.com. I sent in an email that i require a callback and i received a postmaster delivery failure that stated

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.


    Please Help

  4. Call and put have not come back to me after one month of requesting withdrawal of my funds.

    I cannot call them on any of their numbers, and I cannot get any response on e-mails sent to their banking department, service department or analyst. Infact in some cases I get e-mails saying the e-mail addresses do not exists.

    I need help to try and contact them, what powers to I have to get back my monies deposited.


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