Warning about the 2016 Stock Market Jackpot

Stock Market Jackpot web siteToday we are going to have a closer look at a binary options signal system called the „Stock Market Jackpot“, it is presented by a certain James.

The Stock Market Jackpot is really interesting because it doesn’t say anything, it just promises money. James says that you can make 600 – 1500 euro per day with it. You just have to guess that it is probably trading stocks, because it is called the Stock Market Jackpot. But it is not the case, it trades all kinds of assets.

James promises to explain everything once you sign up for his system for free, but it does not happen. Instead you are just shown a second video about how to use the trading platform.

Why you should avoid the Stock Market Jackpot

We’ve seen hundreds of scams and the common scheme always is: We’ll give you a trading system that can make you money for free, you just have to join our broker and deposit your money. And this is exactly how the Stock Market Jackpot works, so it is a huge warning sign. You are asked to risk your money in trading with a system that you cannot test.

Terms and Conditions
They say you should assume that you will probably lose money…

Another problem is that it is not explained how the system works, who created it, who is behind it etc. When you look at the video, there are things that are rather suspect, such as the time of the platform that does not correspond with the time of the trades.

But there is another big reason why to stay away from this program. If you read their Terms and Conditions, it is clearly stated that you should expect that you will lose money! So they admit that their trading system is worthless.

This leads us to believe that it is the typical scheme where these people get paid for referring new traders to their broker, so they have to make you deposit money on a trading account in order to get their commission.


The Stock Market Jackpot is very probably a losing system, as they admit it in their Terms and Conditions, so stay away from it.

Binary options are a great trading tool that is easy to understand, but you still need a solid trading strategy in order to make money. You can try a free demo to see how binary options work and if you are able to trade them profitably.

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