Warning about the Binary Options Brain

Binary Options Brain web siteToday we came across about the Binary Options Brain which is not the usual binary options scam scheme, but it still is a scam. In fact it is extremely probable that you would lose money with it.

The Binary Options Brain is just a manual that will tell you which binary options broker you should chose, where you have to buy an indicator for $25 and how you should trade. This Binary Options Brain manual costs $29, so the total that you will have to pay with the indicator is $54.

The first big problem that this system promises a 90 % + “accuracy”. We suppose that accuracy means winning ratio on binary options. But 90 % is impossible in the long run, this we know for sure, because we have been trading for more than 10 years. Anybody promising you a 90 % winning ratio is lying.

But let’s go on. To convince you, the Binary Options Brain shows a trading track record on MyFXbook. But this is another big problem. Because they show you trades from a Forex account. Just look at it, it is connected to the broker FXCM, which is a Forex broker. Moreover you see Forex trades denominated in pips, so no doubt, this is a Forex trading account that has nothing to do with binary options trading. So how can they offer a binary options strategy?

You might say OK, trading binary options is similar to Forex. Well, it is, but it still requires special strategies, because trades are closed at expiry within a certain time, unlike Forex, where you depend on price movements and exit orders.

A Forex strategy would not have the same results on binary options. But even if it did, would you still want to trade according to the Binary Options Brain? Look at the track record on MyFXBook, 5 trades made the equity grow in July, since then it is slowly losing money for months.


The Binary Options Brain presents misleading and confusing information with a proof that has nothing to do with binary options trading. Therefore we consider it to be a scam with the aim to push you to a certain broker.

If you really want to succeed with binary options, build your own strategy. It is not that hard, but you have to spend some time learning and playing with the charts.

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