Warning about the Crazy ATM on binary options

Crazy ATM
This trade appeared with 1 second expiry.

We have discovered a new binary options trading system that is fully automatic, is called the “Crazy ATM.” We have every reason to believe that it won’t make you any money, it is even probable that it would lose you money.

The Crazy ATM has a short video presentation which says that it is a fully automatic binary options trading system that can help you achieve financial freedom. The system is supposed to monitor economic news and trade according to them. And it is of course free, since every money income in this world is free, right?

We see a lot of problems with Crazy ATM. First of all it is the fact that it promises you a substantial income for free. This is always a big warning sign and the common sign of the majority of binary options scams.

Secondly at the end of the video you are shown some very suspect trades that appear all of a sudden with a very short expiry time, one expires in one second after its apparition! It is a nonsense and it proves that the video has been faked, these are not real trades.

And last but not least, on the left of the Crazy ATM web page you can see something called Top signals. But we cannot see any signals. If you click on any asset, a new window will open with a price chart and there are no signals, it is just showing where the price is moving. So it is very strange too.

Therefore we have every reason to believe that Crazy ATM is a scam. Do not invest your money into this system, this is our recommendation. Such systems should be avoided unless you can try them on a demo account, which means without depositing your own money.

Because these scams are made by affiliates who are paid for bringing new traders to brokers, this is why you are always required to deposit first.

Make no mistake, you can make money trading binary options, but you first have to build your own profitable strategy. And always trade only with regulated brokers.

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