Warning about The Fast Wealth Club

The Fast Wealt Club web site.

Reviewing binary options scams has become a fairly monotone thing, because although there are new ones every day, they always tell the same lies, the Fast Wealth Club being another example in a long row.

Are there any differences with the Fast Wealth Club? Well, some small details. As usually they promise you a very profitable automated binary options trading system and they will give it to you for free. As we already explained many times, binary options scammers struggle to explain logically why they are doing that.

The Fast Wealth Club comes with a new explanation. They say they are an international organisation that needs international beta testers to abide to the law, otherwise they could be considered as a trading cartel. This is really funny, because trading in groups is absolutely not illegal, so they are lying.

Another funny thing is how they lie about the membership fee saying that normally you would have to pay $2000, but for now and for a limited number of members they waived that fee. Well, return any time you want, try to join as many times as you want and you will see that it will be always free for an unlimited number of people.

So again, the truth behind the Fast Wealth Club is very simple. They will earn money by referring new traders to binary options brokers, that is why they are doing this. That is why you cannot test their system beforehand and that is why you first have to deposit money on a trading account. Because once you do that, they will have earned their commission and it does not matter to them what their trading system will do to your account.

As you can see, the Fast Wealth Club is certainly not free. The reality is that if you join them, you will have to deposit at least $250 on a trading account and then their system will trade your account to zero, so you will lose everything. So as always we have to remind the basic rule: If you want to make money on binary options, you have to learn trading and trade your account by yourself, you can begin with a free demo if you want.

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  1. Well! there is nice article you write. I used before Binary Matrix Pro bot. First time its worked good but now its have some problems which shows often. The big problem is its put and call. For this reason I almost lost $27385. When I decided change my bot then I am searching better & newest robot.

  2. I have tons of like this website, pursued me to register and trade by their system I think
    this is an organized syndicate thats benefits the brokers over the europe and Us but no asians regions
    like binary options based at the asean …..

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