Warning about the Inner Trading Circle on binary options

Today we are going to review a new binary options project called the “Inner Trading Circle”. It is in fact a social trading platform that promises you a $34,751 income per month.

But we have several reasons to believe that the Inner Trading Circle is not what it pretends to be and that you could lose your money if you join them. Here they are.

Bad trading results

There is no way you could make money with these statistics.
There is no way you could make money with these statistics.

According to the video presentation the Inner Trading Circle has a very harsh application process for master traders that you will be able to follow and copy in order to make money. However there are several master traders in this program that have bad trading results.

With binary options you generally need a winning ratio above 55 %, but the Inner Circle has traders that are even below 50 %, which means that they are losing money. So we have serious doubts about their statements about the best master traders. Moreover why should your income be exactly $34,751? If it is really a social trading platform, you can follow any trader and your results will be different from all the others.

False verification?

The Inner Trading Circle presents on its web site several badges, like Better Business Bureau accredited business or Paypal verified. But we seriously doubt that it is the case, because as they don’t provide any address, it is impossible to verify and it would be a breach of terms of the BBB and Paypal. So we think that they don’t have the right to use these badges.

False testimonials

There are some Facebook and Twitter modules, but try to look at them closer, they lead nowhere, you cannot click on them, you cannot give likes, these are no real social profiles.

And then there is the famous trading professor George S. who we know for promoting binary options scams.

Affiliate program

How can they offer this kind of money to affiliates?
How can they offer this kind of money to affiliates?

The Inner Trading Circle is in fact promising to make you money for free, because you don’t have to pay for the system upwards.

It is already incomprehensible why would offer something like this, but there is more.

They also offer and affiliate program. For each new member you refer to the Inner Circle you will get a $500 commission. How does that match to the whole presentation?


For the above mentioned reasons we believe that the Inner Trading Circle is not a working program that would earn you money. The only purpose seems to be to make you open a binary options trading account and deposit money into it. If you then trade using their system, you will probably lose your deposit.

We keep repeating it, nobody will make you money for free. You have to first learn binary options and trade them yourself, if you want to succeed.

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