Warning against Trade Capital, London Equity and Alliance Capitals

Regulators from Switzerland and Great Britain have warned the public against three unregulated brokers.

The Swiss Finma has placed on its blacklist Trade Capital Investments and Alliance Capitals.

Trade Capital is a broker that is offering trading with currencies and cryptocurrencies. He allegedly is based in Geneva. Alliance Capitals is offering services in crypto mining and trading and claims to be based in Zürich.

According to the Finma both companies are offering services that are subject to regulations, but they have no authorization to provide them, because both Trade Capital and Alliance Capitals are not regulated in any way.

The British FCA has warned against London Equity which is offering CFD trading on various assets, like currencies and stocks for example.

The broker says it is based in London, however it is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is not authorized to provide investment services.

For trading use regulated brokers only.