Warning: Algo Cash Master is a scam – review

Algo Cash Master

This review is about a new binary options scam called “Algo Cash Master” or “Algo Cash System”.

In a video presentation you can hear that the AlgoCashMaster app can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in trading binary options.

There is allegedly a limited number of spots, but now you can get access to the app for free. You can even hear a guarantee that if you don’t make money with the Algo Cash System, you will get $10,000.

Algo Cash Master is a scam

Algo Cash Master is an international scam that has many versions in different languages. Plus it has been built on some old scams, everything was put together in a weird way.

Recycled scam

When you sign up for Algo Cash Master, you can see a video with Philip Diamond saying how you are going to make money with Ceritifed Income. But wait a minute, isn’t it a different name that we’ve already heard?

Yes, Certified Income is a binary options scam that was heavily promoted last year. But in some other international versions of AlgoCash Master you can see a video with a logo from TheMillionaireInPJS, which is another binary options scam.

So no doubt, this project is a new one from the group of people that are well known scammers.

Fake testimonials

Fake testimonials.

The same weird thing happens with AlgoCashMaster reviews and testimonials. The classic one is photos stolen from all over the Internet.

But read the texts as well, people are again endorsing Certified Income instead of Algo Cash, so scammers forgot to edit them.

The truth

Algo Cash Master works the same way as any other binary options scam out there. People who created it are getting paid for every new trader they can refer to their broker. So they made up their story just to make you open a trading account with their partner broker and deposit money, at least $250.

If you then trade with their app, you will lose your money. By the way, it seems that in some foreign version the Algo Cash System is based on the EZTradingBot, which a well known app of scammers.


Forget about anybody making you money on binary options for free, let alone on autopilot. If you want to make money on binary options, you have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy, which you can try on a free demo.

Profits and success comes with hard work in binary trading.

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18 thoughts on “Warning: Algo Cash Master is a scam – review

  1. als iets te mooi is om waar te zijn dan is het niet waar!
    Iemand met een beetje hersens trapt hier niet in, maar helaas zij mikken natuurlijk op de massa die die hersens niet hebben!

  2. Wow, guys you will never believe it, but I really did receive 622.001,00 euro from the algocashmaster.com site. I recommend this to everybody. All you have to do is deposit 2000 euro, and you will be garantueed that you will receive your 622.000,00 euro!! First thing to do now for me is buy a boat 😉

  3. I just watched the video. I thought it was making awfully extravagant claims, so I decided to check for reviews. My suspicions were confirmed.

  4. Just a small rant to the duped…

    Scams only exist because there are people naive enough to fall for them. Granted, some very refined scams will trick a very large number of people, but these are not refined at all. If you receive an email from a complete stranger, which states that somehow you are special and that you will make millions by doing nothing, and you believe it… well… In older times, you would be the prey. The sheep. The cattle. Reflect on this.

    It is not ‘average’ people that fall for this. Average people easily see through this and a great number of similar scams. So where does that leave the scammed? Exactly. The greatest problem in my opinion, is when people act like they’re duped. You aren’t duped. Devoured cattle isn’t duped. It’s their place in the world to be eaten because they aren’t stronger. Be glad that we live in modern times, where you only lose some money instead of being eaten. People get weaker because there are less severe consequences of being weak.

    And before you reply… ALL YOU HAD TO DO was spend ONE MINUTE on Google to verify if it’s a scam or not. Just like you would spend AT LEAST some amount of time on the internet to read reviews on a product you’d buy, wouldn’t you?! If even that doesn’t seem like a prerequisite for sending large amounts of cash to a complete stranger… well, ‘naive’ is a grave understatement. Ask someone to give you a fu*king kick in the ass and grow some common sense.

    I hope some of the duped reply to this rant. Because I visit this site once and only once, just because it pisses me off how many people fall for this sh*t. It’s people like you that perpetuate this nonsense. Without bait, the dupers would starve and move on. Stop being fu*king bait. So I can stop receiving all these bullshit scam mails and ads.


    1. I’m sorry but this is middle age thinking. Just because somebody is weaker they merit to be killed or abused? I mean rapists exist only because weak women exist? Are you serious?

      Come on, it’s the 21st century, the time when we honour life, love, compassion and honesty. We protect the weaker because we know that not everybody has had the chance to be born super strong, super smart and super beautiful. There are things you cannot choose in your life, many things depend on your family, education etc. As a child you have little influence over these things that determine a large part of your entire life. It doesn’t mean you should not try to be the best version of yourself, but some have bigger limitations than others.

      We, human beings of the 21st century know all these things, we know that every life is precious, therefore we help the weaker and protect them against those who try to abuse them. This is the right path, because a race where the guy with the bigger gun wins leads to total destruction only.

      1. Nice comparison between being involuntarily raped or murdered, and handing out money as a result of poor judgement. Also, it may be the 21st century for e.g. the western world, but in a large part of the Earth population, we are not quite there yet. But I digress. I do get the point you try to convey. And agree with it. But both posts seem a bit hyperbolic to me, to be honest.

        I think the post you reply to is born out of frustration (and is rather harsh), but there is also quite a valid point buried somewhere under the hate: “ALL YOU HAD TO DO was spend ONE MINUTE on Google to verify if it’s a scam or not.” I think that’s some very valid advice. Not doing so, isn’t so much a matter of being weak or strong, as it is a matter of simply providing no effort at all, and expect free lunch. It’s not so much about being gullible, as it is about being lazy, if I may say so. And in that regard, I can understand some of the frustration.

        People, please, if you have the time to sit back and do your research before making such a decision, please do so! Any clickbait, fishing email, scam, whatever; put some of the text in Google and you will end up on great sites like these, which catalog the scam probably within days of being sent out into the world. The same internet that gave you the scam, also gave you the means to protect yourself. Do it!

        1. I agree that vigilance is a need, but on the other hand it is very difficult in the world of binary options. Because scammers not only create scams, but they also have a network of websites that publish fake reviews and endorse their scams. Unfortunately the vast majority of so called review websites are fake in the world of binary options, so the probabilty to stumble upon a real review like we publish is not very high. And it is difficult to see it, because fake review sites expose some scams, but they endorse some other scams using affiliate links to make money. But it is true that all these scams promise free money and free money should be a big warning sign for everybody no matter the industry.

          1. Good point. There is enough material spread around to confuse the unaware user. Fortunately, this site showed up as first result in Google when I entered ‘Algo Cash Scam’. People should find these blogs and learn a certain ‘intuition’, to question everything that seems like a benefit to them, because few things in the world are really free. Play devil’s advocate, like entering ‘scam’ in a search engine, for even something that seems legit. Better safe than sorry.

    2. I agree with you up to a certain point sir, however I think one has to take into consideration that an awful lot of people are surviving with jobs that knock the hell out of them. They arrive home completely drained and their thinking and capacity to judge seriously reduced by fatigue; scams are not only on the internet, government is intricately involved with organized crime and people become desperate and careless like animals in a panic, running this way and that looking for shelter, a refuge from the incessant bombardment of false information, unable to trust anything or anybody and prey to any predator strong and tactical enough to overcome them. Even I have been caught out by this scam and I am usually very cautious. Have you ever seen an elderly person going through the check out at the supermarket, looking desperately at what they have left in their purse and you think , if only I had enough money to hand them a roll of bank notes as a gift, what a pleasure that would give me? At the moment, my job is absolutely exhausting. An exhausted man is prey to something at any moment if he cannot find refuge. He may have learned to protect himself from many things but the one he thought he was the safest from is probably the one that will have him because he is not using his energy anymore to keep that guard up, thinking that there is no threat there. But I appreciate your comment nonetheless. It lacks compassion but the idea of compassion does not appeal to everyone, obviously, otherwise scams and the like would not exist.

    1. Yes, would be nice, but i think the when you go to that adress, you will not find the man…
      If you will find out, if the man will life there, do it…..
      When it is possitive that the man life there, tell me, and i will visit that man with a few people, and all the persons who lost there money will get there money back….
      And that visit will not be a little ass kicking….

    1. How stupid i could be…
      I just also opened an acoount and put it on auto bet, and because i had a little problem i tried to mail Christiaan… The email doesn’t work, the mail came back to me…..
      Lost 250 euro and learnt again a lesson….
      It sure was to nice to be true….

    1. It seems that even after the fact, you still don’t realise what exactly happened. You didn’t lose ‘al your mony’. You GAVE it to some stranger on the other side of the world because they correctly estimated that they could easily talk you into doing so.

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