Warning: Auto OptionsBot is a scam

Auto Options Bot
Auto OptionsBot web site.

We’ll keep this review short, because Auto OptionsBot is just another binary options scam which only purpose is to make you open a trading account and deposit.

Eric, who is the creator of this automated trading system, shows you a video with fake bank account statements and with fake testimonials with paid actors. Don’t believe him one second.

He is saying that there is a limited number of spots in his program, but as always, the counters are fake and you can join any time you want. One really fun thing about Auto OptionsBot is that he wants you to keep it secret, on the other hand he promotes it with spam.

The affiliate program on Auto OptionsBot. Absolutely contradictory to the main story.

Moreover he has an affiliate program! How secret does this sound? He is offering $250 for every person you refer to his program. Doesn’t it sound familiar? So now you know it, he will make money from every person that opens a binary options account and deposits, that is the only reason why he made up his story.

So don’t let Auto OptionsBot trade your account, you would lose all your money on it. The only way to make money with binary options is to trade them by yourself.