WARNING: BestCoinInv is a scam – review

BestCoinInv official webThis review of BestCoinInv explains why you should not invest money in this scam.

BestCoinInv Limited claims to be a company specialized in Bitcoin mining, trading cryptocurrencies and online marketing. These activities allegedly allow it to offer generous investment plans with daily returns ranging between 7% and 12% forever.

This means 210% – 360% per month and 2555% – 4380% per year. So, can you really multiply your investment 25x – 43x in a year with this program?

BestCoinInv scam

Unfortunately, BestCoinInv is just another crypto scam that is going to fail, if it already hasn’t done so.

You should know it just by looking at the numbers, 360% monthly forever is a number that is impossible to achieve. Certainly not in crypto mining. As a trader you can have a lucky month and do it, but it is impossible to repeat it every month. That’s just how it is.

Empty company

No investment licenceCrypto scams nowadays often use a tax registration from to United Kingdom to make themselves look legit, but they are not. Almost anybody can get a tax registration for company in the UK and it doesn’t say anything about the legitimacy or nature of the business.

BestCoinInv is providing investment services, which in the UK is an activity regulated by the FCA. But BestCoinInv is not registered with the FCA, it has no license, therefore it is an illegal business. Check our picture to see the proof.

How it really works

BestCoinInv is a Ponzi scheme, which means that it does no real mining or trading. It just collects money from the public and uses new deposits to pay old profits.

This is how it will go on until there is not enough new deposits, or until the owners decide to run away with all the money. It will collapse, it’s given by the nature of the scheme.

And forget about the numbers on their page, they certainly don’t have more than a million users, they launched just a few days ago. The Facebook likes are fake too, done by bots.


BestCoinInv is a Ponzi scam that will fail sooner rather than later and people will lose their money, because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Stay away from it!

If you want to see how Bitcoin and crypto trading really works, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

You’ll see that it takes some learning to reach profits in trading.

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25 thoughts on “WARNING: BestCoinInv is a scam – review

  1. Total scam. Invested after they were online for 10 days. Got withdrawals but less than i invested. First the withdrawals were instant, then they had to be approved but the money got back to my account within minutes and the withdrawal request was gone. Now when you request a withdrawal the website states that the withdrawals was executed but no batch nr. or any details are included as before and no Bitcoins received with my wallet.

    Stay away! Bitcoin is not physical so they can not even choke eating your money.

  2. This is a scam. Stay away from it. They paid at first, and now they stop paying. I’ve been requesting withdrawal from it but it won’t go through. I have sent various of email from what they called “Support team” and received nothing back until now. I started requesting withdrawal December 15, 2017 and received nothing. Now they have this 60% bonus if you deposit 1 BTC or above. My conclusion now is, they just want people to believe that they are actually paying at first and making another offer with a minimum of 1 BTC you’ll get 60% bonus and withdraw it instantly. After this when they have collected enough BTC they’ll runaway. Better put your investments into something else. Not for this one. Please spread the word.

  3. Bestcoininv are fuc… thieves. I was so stupid…
    Do not invest !!!!!!!!!! If you want proof ask me before invest. You will lost money as I did.

  4. Looks like they stopped paying
    After three instant withdrawals today’s withdrawal is still on hold

  5. Because frnds I don’t want to lost my money.. because it’s my saving money frnds…

    1. It is a Ponzi scheme. It means that it might pay for some time, but sooner or later it will collapse.

      1. Everything John has said here is accurate and truthful. DO NOT INVEST YOU SAVINGS, YOU WILL GET KILLED! This is a typical ponzi scheme where you take money from A. to pay B. then run off with C’s. With that said I luckily found this site on day 1. I invested 10 bitcoin with full knowledge I could never see it back. I’m on day 16 now and with Bitcoin almost doubling in value since then I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I expect this site to be closed by the 15th of December based on their new 50% off deposit announcement (gearing up for max investment) before they run off. They also claim to have over 100k investors and almost a billion in coin. A very quick investigation has shown they have no more than 4k investors, 10k transactions and only 700k in their wallet at the time of this post. Their numbers are drastically misleading, not bad for 14 days…they will have made a cool million off of a bunch of suckers. I’m already in profit mode, DO NOT INVEST NOW. You will get taken, find these HYIP’s day one and make sure you’re A. not C.

        Best of luck,
        Retired @ 30

  6. Bro is this bestcoininv web site is real or not..
    Because I am confused.. for investing my money..
    Could you please tell me is this website is genuine or not..

    1. The site is definitely real and has set up a nice system to withdraw the funds you earn back every 24 hrs instantly. I click withdraw and my blockchain wallet updates the balance a second later. The concern here is how long will they keep doing this before running away with their users’ bitcoin. My prediction is that they will be around for at least 2 more weeks. I would say invest no more than 0.01 BTC and withdraw daily so that if the site ever closes, you will at least get your account’s most recent balance back.

  7. Bestcoininv is paying instantly to me
    I got paid again here
    This is amazing indeed 🙂

    Batch is eab052dc755f8370eb24c8aa9cc1a0d294deaecccab5f030b3ff896905e1dda9

    1. Yep, that’s how Ponzi schemes start. Then they collapse and all the money that is in the system gets lost.

      1. I have been investing in hyips since a very long time and I feel it is very important to invest in good projects if you want to earn good or what you are saying will be true. Most of the programs run away very fast but i feel Bestcoininv is a good opportunity.

        1. If you don’t mind making money in a scam knowing that your profit will be somebody’s loss…

          1. No they don’t. Because BestCoinInv is lying and misleading people, they say they do crypto mining and trading, meanwhile they do nothing real, just a Ponzi scheme.

      2. Yes correct every ponzi will scam sooner or later! but it doesnt mean that you cant earn in there!!

        1. If you don’t mind making money in a scam knowing that your profit will be somebody’s loss…

          1. lol hahah this is the way that the whole economy works (your profit will be somebody’s loss… ). And bankers,banks and etc making money from peaple like you ahah. Be smart please..

          2. You realize a lot of things that make you a profit comes from somebody else’s loss right? Stocks are essentially a ponzi scheme too. You buy it for $5, sell it at $10, stock dips to $3, you made $5 profit and the guy who bought it off of you lost $7. In fact, all profits come at other people’s loss. A markup from your original investment has to come from somewhere…I just hope this ponzi-scheme lasts more than a month. So far they are 14 days in, which I believe is still quite early for HYIPs to start disappearing.

          3. A stock exchange will not say that you will make x percent per day forever. Stock prices are driven by fundamentals, it is not a scam. It’s like investing in real estate or anything else that is real with intrinsic value. On the other hand BestCoinInv is lying about it’s activity, it is saying that you will make x percent thanks to crypto mininig, meanwhile it is just an illegal financial game, there is nothing with real value in it.

  8. This is an ordinary HYIP program and it is paying if you dont know what is hyip then go and learn instead of posting this kind of articles. And here is my payment proof 56c143472bc97b65f290ecc984c0495cae39100afc102bd73767aadaa0db5ac7

    1. A HYIP is a Ponzi scheme/scam. It will collapse and all the money in the system will be lost.

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