WARNING, Bibit Bot uses fake testimonials

BiBit official websiteIn this review we explain why you should not trust Bibit Bot, the arbitrage trading bot.

Bibit Bot is supposed to trade for without any risks and make you money in crypto arbitrage trading.

There are several price plans, BiBit Bot cost from 0,03 to 0,22 BTC, which currently means from $204 to $1496. Is it worth it?

Beware of BiBit Bot

We have several problems with BiBit Bot.

Fake testimonials

Fake reviewThe biggest problem is that BiBit Bot displays fake testimonials. You can look at our picture to see that they used a photo that belongs to somebody else.

This man, who is a lecturer at University of Tennessee, clearly has nothing to do with BiBit Bot.

Using fake testimonials is a scam practice. Period.

Trading always carries risk

The BiBit presentation says that the trading robot trade for you without any risk. This is a big lie, because trading is very risky. Even arbitrage trading is risky.

Yes, arbitrage trading means buying at a lower price at one exchange and selling for a higher price on another exchange, but this process is not always smooth. Crypto transfers can be delayed, the liquidity can be too low, the exchange can fail etc.

In arbitrage trading you are not trying to predict the movement of the price, which reduces the risks, but never to zero. You can still lose money in arbitrage trading, so BiBit is not being honest with this.


Last but not least, you should realize that you will pay the price of BiBit in cryptocurrency to an anonymous party.

So, if the robot does not work, nobody will be able to help you to get your money back, which is another not negligible risk.


Our review of BiBit Bot raises some red flags, which forces us to recommend you to stay away from this program.

If you want to try crypto trading on your own, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Again, trading is always risky, so be careful.

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14 thoughts on “WARNING, Bibit Bot uses fake testimonials

  1. You know, for me this is already a personal problem because you in your fake review claim that the Bibit Bot.

    But guys, I’m telling you that I have long been subscribed to this service and I really like it, if you need it, I can send proofs to the mail.

    This review is fake, and the author just sold out to competitors the bit beat bot

      1. I consider this not a sufficient reason to assert. I said that I subscribed to this service a month ago and see that you are writing a lie. I can provide proofs specifically for you and you will delete this article. Deal?

          1. bibitbot has a free trial and really works. Payment is only with confirmation, so I do not agree that this is a scam project. They even have phone support, call yourself and ask all questions, read reviews on the Internet.

  2. I don’t know but i found many very good reviews about Bibit Bot. And there are many video reviews and so on. If someone uses it . Give me know

  3. Bibitbot is not a scam
    We are a Bibitbot representation and recently we received negative feedback about Bibitbot. Right now we are going to refute all untruthful reviews.

    Some comments addressed to the Bibitbot representative on the bot’s work:

    One of negative quote “It claims that they will not receive money from the payment processor, coinpayment until you have received the product. There is no assurance.”
    We claim that the payment goes through the CoinPayments.
    CoinPayments acts as a financial intermediary, ensuring the fulfillment of the agreed conditions on both sides of the network transaction. The independent guarantor does not pursue the interests of any of the parties. The transfer of money to the seller takes place after all the pre-described conditions. If necessary, the guarantor service provides legal services for network transactions of purchase and sale.

    Another one moment. We do not display fake testimonials.
    The sales page is using a photo that belongs to our clients. This is a true representation.
    Our representative received a telegram a review from a person Kevin Hart with that photo which you saw on official website. Our website does not have photos right now because of a new update.
    After investigation we removed photo of a lecturer of Tennessee University from the website but you still can see a real comment from the real person.
    We also claim that BiBit Bot will trade for you without any risk. Your quote” the truth is that trading is risky, including arbitrage trading.” Yes, it is true. We assure you that Bibibtbot is a true and simple bot does not have an access to a users wallet. That’s why we talk about risk which is not connected with Bibitbot.
    Absolutely every single person who bought Bibibtbot has to understand that telegram arbitrage bots is not leading the risk of trading to zero. It is a fact and everyone should know how hard is it to be in a arbitrage market and business. Bots were developed to reduce all risks.
    Another quote “The anonymous party on the other end of the BiBit website is not going to give you their identity.”
    Bibitbot has own registration and representative. What does it mean? Government provides for mandatory registration of economic activities. The registration of any firm initially gives many positive privileges and opportunities of legal protection of the state as well as for its clients. If you want to contact or talk with representative, he must say name and surname.
    The way of reaching Bibitbot support is not only via Telegram but via email, Twitter and direct phone number( look below).
    Registration number: SL028192
    Suite 2 5 St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, Scotland Uk, EH3 6SW
    +3 562-776-16-58
    Privacy Policy info@bibitbot.com
    We denyed all of negative reviews.
    We sincerely ask you to correct the article.
    If you have any questions please write us. If you still do not trust Bibitbot and official representation you can get a free access to Bibibtbot to make sure that all negative reviews were a lie.

    1. Thank you for your post, it was really interesting and I’m agreed that the Bibitbot isn’t the scam. It’s a real service which will help you to gain more money, This platform is too comfortable and easy to use. It gives more opportunity in this market.

        1. I stronly encourage anybody considering BibitBot to contact the national financial regulator and ask them about this program. You will get the confirmation of what we say in our review and the recommendation to stay away.

    2. I stronly encourage anybody considering BibitBot to contact the national financial regulator and ask them about this program. You will get the confirmation of what we say in our review and the recommendation to stay away.

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