WARNING, Cryptotek is an illegal investment service – review

In this review we explain why you should stay away from Cryptotek Corporation.

What it is about

Cryptotek official websiteCryptotek claims to be a company that does cryptocurrency mining, trading and investing. It allegedly was founded in the UK and since last year it has offices in the United States.

Cryptotek offers several packages for you to invest money into crypto mining, trading or the company’s investment activities.

The best package comes with a 360% return in one year including the deposit, which means 260% net.

So, is Cryptotek a legit investment opportunity?

Stay away from Cryptotek

UK missing historyLet’s start with some basics. We did a research on the company TEK that should have been established in 2012 in the UK. But we found no trace of such a company in the Companies House register, see our picture.

There is a company TEK Limited, but it was incorporated in 1993, so it clearly has nothing to do with Cryptotek. This is a first red flag.

Then we investigated about Cryptotek’s presence in the United States and we found more disturbing facts. Cryptotek claims on its website that it is based in Baltimore, Maryland. But we found no information about it in the Maryland’s register.

Then on one place you can find a link to the Wyoming’s register that says that Cryptotek is located in Sheridan, Wyoming. What does this contradiction mean? We don’t know, but we perceive it as a problem.

Illegal investment service

Not regulatedThe main thing about Cryptotek is that is clearly offering investment services. You are supposed to invest money in various activities of the company and get profits. As you probably know, investing is heavily regulated in the US.

So, does Cryptotek have an investment license, is it authorized to provide services that it is offering? No, Cryptotek is not regulated at all, so it is an illegal investment operation.

Scam numbers

Deposit planNow let’s have a look at the investment plans that Cryptotek is offering. 260% net per year?

Here we have to use our experience and knowledge of financial markets, but we are not afraid to say that Cryptotek is extremely probably a scam.

260% per year is not achievable in any sustainable and legitimate business, that’s just reality. Only Ponzi schemes offer this kind of numbers, because they use new deposits to pay profits, until the system collapses because withdrawals exceed deposits.


Cryptotek is an illegal investment service with returns that are suggesting that is a Ponzi scam. Stay away from it!

The truth is that nobody will make you money for free. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see that making money is not easy, that it requires learning and experience.

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