WARNING – Don’t trade with the Blackbox Robot

In this review of the Blackbox Robot we explain why it is not a good idea to trade binary options with this software.

What it is about

The presentation of the Black Box Robot is simple and pretty funny, because they say that it is a robot for trading binary options with an “equal chance of losing money, as there is making money”.

So the first question that you should ask yourself, is why would you use such a software?! With binary options you need a better chance than 1:1 in order to make money.

Why you should not trade with Blackbox Robot

The name Blackbox Robot really fits, because you don’t know what is inside. It is a software that somehow generates trading signals and trades on your behalf.

You can influence its performance by changing settings, but here comes another funny thing, because they say, that “the purpose of the Black Box Robot is to pick your own setting”.

And how are you supposed to do that? By testing it with real money, which is absolutely insane! There is not a demo so that you could test it and tune the settings, you have to immediately invest your own money. Don’t do that!

It would be absolutely crazy to let a blackbox software trade with your money with no prior testing on a demo account.

We keep repeating it, you have to test every trading idea / robot / system / strategy on a demo account with a regulated broker first. Trading binary options is a serious thing, it is investing money. So before risking your own money, you have to verify that the system works and that it is profitable. This is how real trading works, this is the only way to profits.

Why are they doing it?

OK, so the final question is, why are they giving away for free a binary options trading robot that promises nothing? It is because their trading software will push you to deposit money with one of their partner brokers, which will earn them an affiliate commission.

And because they won’t allow you to test the Black Box Robot on a demo first, we have to assume that it is losing money, so they don’t want you to discover it before they get their commission thanks to your deposit.


The Black Box Robot cannot be tested on a demo, you have to immediately let it trade with your money, which would by crazy. Don’t do it.

Every trading system has to be first verified on a demo account with a regulated broker.

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3 thoughts on “WARNING – Don’t trade with the Blackbox Robot

  1. nobody should deposit money on OptionStarsGlobal.com, when you deposit up to 1k they will give you bonus in order to enter in an agreement with them, then they will allow you to make some profit by given you trades then after that, they will give you trades to wipe away all your profit, capital and even the bonus, so be care.

  2. Testing a robot on Demo is a waste of time,as you are not seeing a Live data feed.The demo is only there to see how the bot works.

    “the purpose of the Black Box Robot is to pick your own setting”. surely is purely to see whether you want to use any or all of the four trading strategies ?

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