Warning, JennoCrypto, BK-Coin and Local Bitcoin are not regulated

Regulators from Mauritius and Great Britain have warned against three unregulated crypto brokers.

BK-Coin and Local Bitcoin Ltd. are crypto brokers that allegedly are based in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority believes that they are conducting activities that are subject to regulation, such as crypto derivatives trading.

But BK-Coin and Local Bitcoin have no licence whatsoever, they are not regulated, thus not authorized to do what they are doing.

The other warning is from the FSC from Mauritius. It is about the broker JennoCrypto that is offering crypto trading and mining investment plans. It is claiming that it is regulated by the FSC, but it is not.

We note that the investment plans of JennoCrypto suggest that it is scam, a Ponzi scheme.

For your trading use regulated brokers only.