WARNING, KingsMarque is a scam, review

Kingsmarque official webRead this review to see that Kings Marque is an investment scam that can lose your money.

Kings Marque pretends to be an investment company that is very successful. For some unknown reasons the company is willing to share profits with you.

The investment plans offer up to 330% per 7 days (230% net), which means 985% percent net per month! Is it really possible to make these profits for doing nothing?

KingsMarque scam

Unrealistic investment plansYou just need to look at the numbers to understand that KingsMarque is a scam. No legit company in the world can make you one thousand percent per month, no legit company can do a 10x every month.

Only Ponzi schemes show this kind of numbers. A Ponzi scheme will collect money and initially pay some profits using new deposits. This way it attracts more people and money.

Then it will collapse, either when owners decide to run away with all the money or when there is not enough new deposits to cover withdrawal requests. This is how these scams work, usually they last just a few days or weeks.

Don’t believe the company

Company without the necessary licencePonzi schemes nowadays often use a tax registration in the UK to look legit. But every time it is a registration that is not even one year old. Anybody can get such a registration.

But to offer investment services, you need a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority. And you guessed it, KingsMarque of course is not registered with the FCA. Check our picture to see the proof. Therefore Kings Marque is an illegal investment service.


KingsMarque is an investment scam, a Ponzi scheme that is designed to fail. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in investing and financial trading, try it on a free demo account.

You will see that it is possible to make money, but also that it takes learning and that it won’t be a thousand percent per month.

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