Warning, QBITS Megaprofit System is a scam

QBITS Megaprofit web siteIn this review we are going to show that “QBITS Megaprofit System” is a binary options scam. It is presented by Jeremy Hart.

Hart says then some time ago he got fed up with his work and all the stress, so he quit and founded the Rich Nerd Club. His product is a binary options trading software called QBITS Megaprofit.

This trading app supposedly earns him tens of thousands of dollars per month. It is so successful because Hart used his knowledge from studying quantum physics.

Now you are supposedly one of the few lucky ones who can get access to his trading system for free.

QBITS Megaprofit System is a dirty scam

Here is why we are certain that QBITS Megaprofit is here just to take your money. The only purpose of this project is to make you open a binary options trading account with their broker and deposit money. Because this will earn them an affiliate commission. This is how binary options scams work.

Not free

The first lie used by Hart is about QBITS being free. In reality you will be forced to open a trading account and deposit at least $250. Only then they will let you use their trading system. And now you can probably guess it, if you then trade with their app, you will lose your deposit.

Fake statements

statementHart shows in his video some trading and bank account screenshots, but they have been faked.

Just look at the Bank of America screenshot, they forgot to fake all the dates, so you can see a 10 year difference between them.

Fake testimonials

People endorsing QBITS in the video are paid actors, all the testimonials are fake.

Terms and Conditions

termsAnd finally, did you have a look at their TOS? It says that QBITS Megaprofit does not guarantee any profit and that they are not responsibility if you sustain losses.

But you’ve heard Hart clearly saying that he guarantees the profitability of his system, right?

Always read Terms and Conditions, always.


QBITS Megaprofit System is an average scam trying to take advantage on binary options. Stay away from it.

On the other hand if you want to see how binary options really work and see how you can make money with them, try a free demo account. Start trading live with your money only if you are able to trade profitably on the demo.

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