WARNING, Raptor Robot is a SCAM!

This review shows that Raptor Robot is a scam that can make you lose money with binary options.

Raptor Robot is a robot for binary options trading. It can trade automatically for you and it allegedly has 90% win rate, which would mean massive profits.

And as usually, when something makes money, it is free, right? So Raptor Robot is of course free.

Raptor Robot scam

The reality unfortunately is that Raptor Robot is just a dirty scam ready to take your money and lose it with a crappy software.

It is based on the White label robot software – a software that is not profitable and that is being bought and rebranded by scammers over and over again.

We have seen a lot of binary options scam robots based on this software, take a look at the picture and you will see some examples, like Option Robot, Gold Binary Robot and Aram Binary Options.

This robot software is extremely dangerous, because it has a demo that fakes results. This means that if you try the demo, you will see big profits piling in. Your virtual account will grow with an unimaginable ease.

But this is only because the robot doesn’t use real prices to close the trades, it uses fake prices to create virtual profits! We have captured this dirty trick on videos in our previous reviews of this software (see links above).

So if you open a real trading account with your own money and let Raptor Robot trade with it, you will lose your money, because real results obviously cannot be faked.

How it really works

The real purpose of Raptor Robot is to make you open an account with one of their affiliated brokers and to send money to this broker. Because if you do it, people who run Raptor Robot will get paid by the broker for referring you. That’s it, that’s their only aim.

And we repeat, if you deposit money and let Raptor Robot trade for you, you will lose your money. So don’t do it!


Raptor Robot is a robot based on a scam software that fakes demo results to make you believe that it is profitable, but it isn’t. It will lose your money in real trading.

Instead of searching for a free money making software that does not exist, you can try and learn how to trade profitably on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

When you can trade profitably on the demo, you can start trading with real money for real profits.

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  1. I lost 1000$ plus the 1000$ i whanted to se how fast it will lose my cash and it started out with only 5-10$ trades and stayed at around 2000 then after 15 minutes it started with 250$ trades. (I had the settings on only 10$ than 6 minutes later i was down to 72$ René Gebecke Norway Tlf.nr +47.47174261

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