WARNING, read this about AW Financial Services

In this review we explain that AW Financial Services is an illegal clone of a legit company and a scam.

AW Financial Services reviewAW Financial Services at awfinancials.org is a broker that offers trading on a range of different markets, like Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks and real estate.

The minimum investment is $2,000 and it supposedly will generate you profits up to 100% per month, there is a money back guarantee. The broker claims to be based and licensed in Australia.

AW Financial Services scam

Unfortunately, AW Financial Services is a scam, here is why.

Illegal clone

It is true that there is a company named AW Financial Services registered in Australia, it even has a license from the regulator (ASIC). But awfinancials.org doesn’t belong to this registered company.

Instead, AW Financial Services at awfinancials.org is an illegal clone of that legit company, it is abusing its identity.

The AW Financial Services broker is a scam, it has nothing to do with the real company. You can expect to lose money with this pseudo broker.

Companies that abuse identities of other regulated entities are pure scams made to collect money from people.

When you dig deep, you will find that awfinancials.org is fairly new, it has been registered only since March 2019. So, all the awards you can see on its website are of course fake, it could not have won anything in 2016 and it is not certified by Finance Magnates.

Impossible returns

Fake investmentsAW Financial Services promise weekly returns from 8 to 25%, which is a ridiculous number. No legitimate company in this world can make you that on a consistent basis.

AW Financials either just collect money from people and steal it, or they are a Ponzi scheme that might pay some profits at the beginning to attract more people into the system. But they will use clients’ deposits to do that, which will inevitably result in a monumental collapse of the scheme, it is just a matter of time.


AW Financial Services (awfinancials.org) is a scam, an illegal clone of a legitimate company. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in financial trading, you should stick to regulated companies and begin on a demo account with virtual money, so that you don’t risk anything.

And forget about 25% weekly returns, they are impossible. In real trading be careful, because you can make, but also lose money.

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