Warning, scam review: The Maple Method of Ryan Wolfe

The Maple MethodThis review is a warning about a new binary options scam called „The Maple Method“. It is presented by Ryan Wolfe.

Wolfe says that he will give you a trading system that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next month. And in case it does not happen he promises to give you $10,000 out of his pocket. It is his personal guarantee.

The Maple Method is a well known scam

softwareWe had to get used to the fact that binary options scams get cloned and recycled. Scammers get lazy and they tend to change less and less things when they make new scams.

And it is exactly the case of The Maple Method. It is the most cloned binary options scam ever. It has appeared under a lot of different names, like The Irish Method or The Kiwi Method.

Look at the picture on the right to see a few examples.

So we don’t really need to go again through all the proofs to show you that the Maple Method is a scam, you can just read some of our older reviews.

But in reality just the fact that it is being cloned over and over with the same video but other names and faces should be enough for you to believe that it is scam.

Otherwise it really has it all, fake testimonials with paid actors, fake bank and trading account statements, fake posts on social media…


The Maple Method is a very well known binary options scam. It’s purpose is to make money to scammers by making you deposit money with a selected broker. If you then follow the Maple Method, you will lose your money. So don’t do it.

Real money is made on binary options in a different way, you can see it on a free demo account. You have to learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy in order to make real profits in binary trading.

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