Warning: WonderClicks is a scam on binary options

Today’s review is about a brand new binary options scam called “WonderClicks”. It is presented as a fully automatic trading system that will make you over nine thousand dollars in the first week.

The usual lies – WonderClicks

No guarantees.

Scammers usually present their systems as free only temporarily, they say that soon you will have to pay if you don’t act now. WonderClicks is no different, they say their license costs $2500 per month, but they are willing to give you a free trial for 60 days. They say that it is free and that you have nothing to lose. In fact, they guarantee that you will make money. Really? No, it is a big lie.

First of all it is of course not free. In order to use the system you will have to open a binary options trading account and deposit money into it, at least $250. And this is also what you can lose. If WonderClicks does not work, you will lose your deposit. And you can be sure that it is exactly what will happen if you try it.

And there are no real guarantees, look at their disclaimer, they don’t offer any guarantees at all. And be sure that they will never charge anything, come back to their page any time and you will always see free spots.


Fake testimonials.

But there are also real proofs about WonderClicks being a scam. Try to verify their so called awards, you cannot, these are just images with no real background.

But there is more, for example fake testimonials in their videos, they just bought some photos from public databases and invented some fake stories.

Unreal prices.
Unreal prices.

And we are going to finish this with a third proof. In the video they pretend to show some live trading, but if you look at prices of the assets, they are completely rubbish. The CAC40 price is in reality about 5000 and the FTSE about 7000, yet in the video they 1.06052 and 28.3. Complete nonsense and it proves that they faked those trades.


These scammers like WonderClicks are really hurting binary options. Binary options are a great trading tool that can make you money, if you learn them and use properly. But you really have to forget about free automated trading systems that would earn you money, they don’t exist. There is no free money, you have to learn to trade, if you want to make money with binary options.

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