Warnings about HQ Broker and 8inFX

Regulators from Canada and Great Britain have warned against two new Forex brokers.

The first alert comes from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and it concerns HQ Broker, which is a typical Forex broker.

It is based in Marshall Islands, but despite the absence of a licence it is targeting people in regulated countries.

The second alert comes from the Financial Conduct Authority that has noticed that 8inFX is targeting UK residents, although it is not regulated.

8inFX is allegedly based in Vanuatu, but has no licence whatsoever.

We recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

5 thoughts on “Warnings about HQ Broker and 8inFX

  1. aller faire une plainte a la police ca va se rende a la gendarme royal du canada plus qui vont avoir de plainte et de détails plus ils vont avoir une chance d arreter c est pourisssss la

  2. Be warned for Thieves and robbers!
    I would advice people to stay away from these brokers. My account 13310468 on the 2dots-live server of 8infx.com that I funded with eur 10000 went up to about eur 18900 (including additional credit of eur 1000). Sounds good doesnt it?
    I did not trade myself. Trading actions were to be performed by 8infx employees.
    Until yesterday they started closing negative positions that would have become much more profitable during the day. They continued with trading actions until this morning. That brought the account down eur 17322 to eur 578. This leaves me with eur -422.
    I am waiting for proof that the trades have been actual trades on the forex market, and not just paper trades to empty the account. I dont understand their goal. They were very capable of raising the accounts balance with about 73% in a month, but emptying it in the way they did

    1. These brokers often show you fake profits to make you deposit more. Once you do, or when you refuse, they empty your account and take all your money.

  3. 8infx is a scam
    High warning for everybody, they are scammers! They work in very clever way, they don’t ask to invest more money, but when you try to make withdraw everything change. I think they keep all money themselves. When i tried to withdraw, they just make a trade in my account, without any permission, and then account went on minus. So i lost everything what i had there. Simon Jansen was my account manager and they co-operate with 24stox, where the guy is Frank Carbone. Also they tell people that they are part of Nasdaq, just to try people to trust them. High warning for everybody, don’t loose your money with them, as i did

    1. Do you mind to elaborate more on the details? I am a Representative of HQ Broker and as I can see, this review is pertaining to two websites namely HQ Broker and 8inFX, you also mention 24stox, all companies is not associated with HQ Broker. And upon checking your name, we can’t see you on the list of our client. If you are a client of HQ Broker, please send your details using the format below at support@hqbroker.com. Name:
      Website: The Best Binary Options Brokers
      Subject: (e.g. Withdrawal, Blocked Account)

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