Warnings against Caxton Global, CPT Trading Technologies and new boiler rooms

Regulators from New Zealand, Belgium and Switzerland have warned against new unregulated entities.

The FMA from New Zealand has placed Caxton Global on its blacklist, because it is a broker that has offices in New Zealand but is not regulated there.

Caxton Global also claims that it is regulated in Britain, but it is no longer true.

The Swiss regulator FINMA has placed CPT Trading Technologies on its blacklist. This broker claims to have offices in Switzerland but is not regulated there as required by the law.

And finally, the Belgian ESMA has warned against seven new unregulated investment projects that are suspected to be boiler rooms:

  • Akita Matsui Trading
  • Denman-Brys Group
  • Evans Chamberlain
  • Mizuho DKB Brokerage / SDD Interational
  • Morgan Newfield
  • Sky Marketing
  • Worldwide Financing Group

For trading use regulated brokers only.

4 thoughts on “Warnings against Caxton Global, CPT Trading Technologies and new boiler rooms

  1. I have been cold called by Akita Matsui Trading, which later on they told me have been taken over by Nanto Sapporo Brokerage. Both are 100% Boiler Room Fraudsters. Nothing exists. They setup everything. Dokuments, Internet sites, registrations numbers. They work with bank drops to make it look more legitimate.
    First thy started with smal investments in Chines Tianneng Power International Limited, because they where about to be taken over by Apple Inc. After selling with a 60 selling the earned money was imedeately used (no cash out) to be stocks from private Chinese Seismik Technology Company Ltd. After these shares were going to be sold, they wanted to have a security bonding and the story never ends.
    So please don hang up if the call you. I filed a complaint with Hong Kong police and the FBI and the financial authorities.

    1. Hello,
      I am also a victim of the same fraud. I have reported it to the police.
      What are the chances of recovery?

  2. I have been let down by CPT Trading Technologies, I originally invested with Strategy Markets in the UK, they got took over by CPT and since then things have got progressively worse and now their website has gone and they do not answer emails. I know a lot of other people in the same boat and we would really appreciate any help or advice.

  3. I am getting dozens of calls (1 to 3 daily) from these boiler-room people some of whom can be very rude and several of whom I have invested small amounts with but have never got ANY payoff from them yet in over two years.
    My questions are how can they be stopped? as well as where do they get my telephone number from? I don’t use a mobile at all only a fixed line.

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