We don’t trust Mike’s Auto Trader

In this review we are going to have a look at the “Mike’s Auto Trader” on binary options.

We’ve been reviewing binary options scams for years and we have received many questions about Mike’s Auto Trader, so we finally decided to have a look at it, although it has not a standard presentation that we are used to.

Let’s put it straight, we don’t trust Mike’s Auto Trader and we don’t think it can make you any money. Here is why.

Mike’s Auto Trader is very suspicious

These are the reasons why we believe that the safest thing to do is to stay away from Mike’s Auto Trader.

Michael Freeman

Binary Options Channel
Endorsing scams.

Michael Freeman is a famous guy in the binary options industry, because he has several binary options web sites and he is publishing a lot of videos too.

However we have discovered that Michael Freeman is endorsing binary options scams like Centument or Gold Digger, meanwhile he probably also created some of these scams, like Virtnext. So he is a scammer, we have no doubt about it. See our article BinaryOptionsWatchDog is a scam web site.

So how could we trust somebody that is making money by recommending binary options scams? How probable is that his own system is honest?

Mike’s Auto Trader

Mike's Auto Trader
Deposit or die.

Then we have the trading app itself. Although Freeman says that you will be able to choose your broker (and the charity to donate to), you are not given any choices. The absolutely first thing you have to do when you join him is to open a trading account with his broker and deposit money, at least $250.

This is the common sign of all binary options scams, they don’t let you try anything before you deposit your own money. Freeman claims that he is honest, so why not giving you a chance to try his signals for free without risking your money? He says that Mike’s Auto Trader is completely free, so why he is pushing you to deposit with his broker in order to earn an affiliate commission on you?

Why he does not even let you have a look at his signals to maybe check them manually? Why not a free trial on a demo? When you just try to look around for a while, a window urging you to deposit keeps popping up. This really does not seem honest.

By the way, he is pushing you to deposit with Benedict Morris, which is an offshore and unregulated broker that is cooperating with many scammers. So another reason to stay away.


Mike’s Auto Trader is a very suspicious project created by Michael Freeman, who is a known scammer. You cannot try it unless you deposit money, which is the common trait of binary options scams, so our recommendation is to stay away.

Nowadays is it so easy to get a free demo, so never start trading any strategy or system with real money until you could verify on a demo that it really works.

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9 thoughts on “We don’t trust Mike’s Auto Trader

  1. Do NOT join Mikes autotrader. 100% you will lose your money. Want proof? Ok join in the Facebook page and watch comments from traders. For a month. Be patient. See if the same trader names are there in a month or 6 weeks. They won’t be. Why? Cause they all lost. Common sense says they’d still be there if they were winning. Scam

  2. Hey John
    I has joint with Michael Freeman facebook and the result was good almost 80% itm sr especially Afzal Ahmed session the result came very good. and also i would like suggest when using any robot software like option robot or freesignal both are similar software you need the set the setting and try it.
    I have sign in with freesignal but i just used demo account and turn on the auto trade also with my IQ option demo account and trade together and see the result is quite accurate but i still want to test at least a month

    1. I’m sorry but I still struggle to believe that a guy who is a big scammer provides accurate signals in his Facebook group.

  3. Is this a scam like all the rest it seems or not? I am totally losing faith in it all.
    I very nearly deposited into optionrobot.com
    It seemed so good, a great platform and demo account. But Now I think they are all just the same? At least these guys dont push a broker onto you. If it was that easy to make money everyone would do it. Hmmm, And I am not being greedy. I would be happy with an extra £40/£50 a day.

    1. Hi, they are all the same, Option Robot is a scam, the demo fakes results. Mike’s Auto Trader is a scam too, Michael Freeman is a known scammer.

  4. Total BS. You have no evidence to back up your claims. It’s simply speculation.

  5. Yep, I’ve heard lots of bad reports on this autotrader. How about a review of his Facebook signals group?

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