Wealth Generators review – is it worth your time and money?

In this review we examine the Wealth Generators online program that is supposed to help you to improve your financial situation.

What it is about

Wealth Generators official webWealth Generators is not the typical program we review on our website. It is not an investment program, but rather an MLM.

How does it work? You are supposed to subscribe to one of the packages that has a recurring monthly price. Prices range between $99.99 and $229.99. And then you have to introduce new people to Wealth Generators who will also buy some packages, which will earn you a commission through several levels. So, it is primarily about network marketing.

What about the products?

FxOnE performanceProducts have never been the main thing with MLM schemes, rarely you will find an MLM with a great product. Most of the product is just something to make the pyramidal financial structure legal.

Wealth Generators is selling many things, from Forex trading alerts and binary options sessions to crypto research. The first indication about the quality of the products is the statement they will emphasize – they are not financial nor investment advisors and nothing you will get from them should be considered as financial or investment advice. You will take all your trading decisions at your own risk.

We looked at their Forex trading signals, because it is the only service we could find an independent report about. This report is performance tracking on MyFXbook.

As you can see, FxOnE signals have not made any money in year, in fact the overall result is a loss of 5.4%. In our opinion this reflects the overall value of all Wealth Generators trading products.

Can you make money with it?

Product packagesYou can make money with Wealth Generators, if you manage to sell the packages to other people. For that you have to introduce new paying clients to the system (assuming Wealth Generators is really paying).

You will have to do network marketing and get new people, this is how it works.

We don’t think that Wealth Generators products that you will be buying can make you a profitable trader, so we would not expect an income on this side.


Wealth Generators is an MLM, you to make money you will have to bring new paying clients into your network structure. It is not about real trading.

If it is crypto, Forex or binary options trading that got you interested, try it on a free demo account.

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