WEIRD SCAM: BTC Mining Option review

BTC Mining Option webOur review explains why you should stay away from BTC Mining Option, it’s a scam.

BTC Mining Option is supposed to be a bitcoin cloud mining service. This means that you rent some hardware power for mining and get paid profits. That’s the theory.

How much can you make with BTC Mining Option? That’s the weird thing, they say up to 100%, but not how long it will take. So, what’s the verdict?

BTC Mining Option scam

Strange plansBTC Mining Option clearly is a scam. It talks about profits “per mining”, but that’s a nonsense. Mining is not a defined step that could be rewarded, it’s an ongoing process which results in mined bitcoins. So, the reward for mining is for bitcoins you mine.

And no matter the time they mean, a 100% ROI in cloud mining today is probably not achievable even in one year, the reason is in the low price of bitcoin. All in all, nothing makes sense in this program.

Fake company

No real companyBTC Mining Option claims to be registered as an investment company under the name of Currency Trading Investment Company. But it is a lie.

As the company allegedly is based in London, it needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority. But as you can see on our picture, the FCA knows nothing about this company. So, no registration, no licence.

The truth

BTC Mining Option obviously is just a Ponzi scheme that will collect crypto deposits and maybe pay some profits just to attract more money into the system.

But soon it will collapse and owners will disappear with all the money. That’s how these scams operate.


BTC Mining Option is a scam, it has nothing to do with real bitcoin mining. Stay away from it.

It is almost impossible to make money in cloud mining nowadays, but you can try crypto trading instead. See on a free demo account how it works and if you could make some money in it.

If you later decide to invest real money, trade only with money you can afford to lose, because there are no guarantees in this business.

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