WILD SCAM: Crypto76robot review

Crypto 76 Robot official websiteSee in this review that Crypto76Robot is a trading scam that you absolutely have to avoid.

Crypto 76 Robot is supposed to be a trading platform for cryptocurrencies that can work on autopilot for you. This means that it allegedly can generate you profits, meanwhile you don’t have to learn anything.

Alexx, who is presenting this system, claims that you can get it for free. But is this all true?

Crypto76robot scam

In all honesty, Crypto76robot is a scam that has been developed to separate you from your money. It certainly is not a profitable trading system or robot.

Alexx the scammer

Scammer AlexxIn the video presentation of the robot Alexx claims to be the CTO of the company that developed and owns the robot. But it is a lie.

As you can see on our picture, Alexx is a Fiverr actor, anybody can hire him. Look at our picture to see the proof. We have seen him acting in many trading scams.

Fake reviews

Fake reviewsOn the Crypto 76 Robot website you can see several video testimonials with people who are endorsing this trading robot. But they all are liars.

They all are paid actors. Again, anybody can hire them. These people are not real users of the system, they are just lying in front of the camera for money. Check our picture to see a proof.

The truth – how it really works

The truth is that Crypto76Robot is not free. When you sign up, you will be pushed to deposit your own money with a selected unregulated broker, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use the robot.

This is because scammers who run this robot are getting paid by these unregulated brokers for sending them new depositing customers.

Once you deposit and let the robot trade with your money, the robot will lose your deposit and scammers will get paid a commission for referring a new victim. That’s how this story ends.


Crypto76Robot is a dirty scam that wants to lose your money, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in trading cryptocurrencies, you will have to learn and build your own profitable strategy. You can try to do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker, so you don’t risk anything.

Start trading with real money only if you manage to develop a profitable strategy and when you understand all the risks.

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