WORN SCAM: Weed Trader review

This WeedTrader review reveals how this investment program really works.

WeedTrader reviewWeed Trader is a software that is supposed to allow you to profitably trade stocks of cannabis companies.

Last trades displayed on its website suggest that this app is very profitable, since there are only winning trades.

The software is free, so do you have anything to lose? Unfortunately, yes.

Weed Trader scam

WeedTrader scamThe truth is that Weed Trader is just a simple scam. It runs on a software that is widely used and by scammers only.

Just take a look at our picture to see that this program is exactly the same as Canopy Trader, Aphria Trader and Aurora Trader scams. They all use the same trading software that is losing money in real trading.

Fake resultsWe know it thanks to real Weed Trader reviews from users of this app. If the app allows you to try it in a demo mode, don’t trust it because it uses fake prices to fool people. In real trading it is losing.

The supposed last trades of the software that are shown on its website are absolutely fake. Just random positive numbers that have nothing to do with real results.

Cannabis stocks

Weed Trader tries to persuade you that investing in stock of companies from the cannabis industry is a sure winner, but it is not true.

Over the last year stocks of the majority of these companies lost value, so there is no easy trading, no easy profits.

Modus operandi

The only real purpose of WeedTrader is to make you deposit money with a shady broker that is affiliated with people who run this scam.

They will share money you will send them and never give you anything back.

Weed Trader review conclusion

WeedTrader is a sure scam that is here just to make you lose money with a dirty company. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in financial trading, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and start learning.

You have to prepare a good strategy and understand the risks before using real money.

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